Making a splash

Here's a few of the plethora of pool pictures I have taken this Summer. I make no promises that there will not be more later. The pool may be my favourite place to take pictures. Be thankful that I spared you the frame by frame sequence of every dive. That paparazzi fast camera is so much fun.

Gabe is such a clown. This is his la-dee-dah-dee....whoah..!

(you should blow this up to see his smug little expression)

Here is Benj's "oops I slipped" move

Synchronized jumping

Less synchronized jumping

Gracie caught some good air

and learned to..crawl(?) on water. Maybe next Summer she will be walking.

Finny spent lots of time this Summer perfecting his cannon-ball..

which he loved every single time.

And working on his tan

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Kim said...

Love all your photos! Your kids are so beautiful....and they all look so happy and loving!

Anonymous said...

Aah! The WONDERFUL joys of the pool in summer!!! So glad my grandbabies enjoy it as much as their mommy did, and even their grand-mommy. I love their gorgeous golden little faces! The sun does not seem to do the damage is does further south, or are you just super diligent with the sun-screen??