I wanted to be sure my visitors read this today. It is the daily update from Stephanie (nie-nie's) sister Courtney and it is amazing. It made me think about my own thoughts through this and I have to admit, although this is so horrible and unthinkable in so many ways,we hate that it has happened to this beautiful family, and none of us can bear to think of the suffering they are enduring (I have had moments of real panic when I allow myself to imagine what they may be enduring, and will have to endure).

But if I am honest, in my core, I too have had a hard time using the word "tragedy" to refer to it largely because of the amazing attitudes and eternally based perspectives of the family involved and because of our understanding that this life is a tiny blip on the eternal radar.

I know the Nielsons and their families will endure this trial well and that the glory they receive in the long term will be incomprehensible.

Although I am sure their family's sorrow for their suffering must be profound, there has been an undeniable peace and joy emanating from them from the very beginning, a calm conviction that God would intervene and His will would be done and when His will is done, there is no tragedy. I know they have been lifted and supported by angels and have had their perspective widened and deepened in a way that those of us who aren't as personally touched by this may find it hard to comprehend. It reminds me of the words to one of my favourite hymns, "as thy days may demand, so thy succor shall be".

I know that Stephanie has a divine mission that she was sent on this earth to fulfill, and I have a great conviction our loving Father in Heaven will work everything that has happened into His great plan for her and her family, and for the great work He has in store for her. She has already touched countless lives including my own in so many positive ways. I know that she and her husband are being ministered to by angels and supported and comforted by the power of the Atonement. I am sure that she is hearing and learning amazing and beautiful things as she sleeps with the veil between Heaven and Earth so very thin.

I know that her inner beauty will shine through regardless of what happens with her physical healing.

Here are her sister's thoughts and update for the day: she is a true heroine. Thank you so much for your prayers. I know they are contributing to many miracles.

At this time I am asking for more prayers for a dear friend of mine and her family. Julie lost a family member to a plane crash in Guatemala over the weekend. Please pray for their comfort.

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