A very merry un-birthday to me..to ...ME.....

Today my children reminded me that it was my half-birthday. Remember when I postponed my real birthday due to lack of interest? Ie: it was a completely rubbish day from beginning to end? I may have mentioned that from now on my birthday would be on August 6th, when the sun was shining in a way that was worthy of the day of my birth.

Well I forgot about that until about noon when my ever diligent progeny (who keep a keen eye on the calendar at all times) remembered, whereupon I passed on the happy news to Aaron. He promptly sent me an e-card and brought home these.

Gracie made me a glorious necklace and presented me with an original pencil portrait of myself and Finny bestowed me with many a (bordering on disturbingly too-romantic-for- the-mommy) smooches (I am not sure where he is learning his technique, but he takes my head firmly yet tenderly in his hands, tips it to the side like a romance novel hero and lays one on me. After which he proclaimed, "You are HOT". I supposed that he was referring to the traces of salsa on my lips so when I asked him what he meant he looked at me with pity and said, "It means you're PRETTY". That kid scares me a little bit. He's smooth, likes to kiss, he's got those eyes and he likes the ladies.

As a special treat, it was decided that we would have Wendy's for dinner. And don't think I am not as excited for Wendy's as I would be for a 5 course lobster dinner at this point. Especially when it involves a Frosty with a candle in it.

Considering that this day is all about me, I thought I would take the tag that Kim threw my way a while ago. It's an A-Z type thingie. I get the feeling I have answered some of these questions before.

A. Attached or Single? Attached
B. Best Friend? Aaron
C. Cake or Pie? I love pie- Both! Hello!!
D. Day of the week? Friday
E. Essential Items? It really depends on the situation doesn't it? Lap-top? Bra? Chocolate? Running shoes? Toilet Paper? It really all depends.
F. Favorite Color? I so can't choose. I love turquoise, if allows me to pass onto the next question.
G. Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears. Or sour patch kids. Or Jelly Babies or Jelly Tots when I can get them from the Motherland.
H. Hometown? Johannesburg, South Africa.
I. Indulgences? Chocolate, whining, watching TV.
J. January or July? Do I really need to answer this question? No, I didn't think so.
K. Kids? Mine? The best in the world. Well-documented fact.
L. Life isn't complete without? My family. It's great I have such a nice little one here but it sucks (a lot) that the rest of them are so far away.
M. Marriage Date? May 18, 1995
N. Number of Brothers and Sisters? 2 sisters, 2 Brothers
O. Oranges or Apples? Oranges
P. Phobias or Fears? Highway driving and rodents....
Q. Quote: "Pleasure usually takes the form of me and now; joy is us and always."-Marvin J. Ashton.
R. Reasons to Smile: like everyone else, my family, being healthy, sunshine, people I can be myself with.
S. Superman or Wonder Woman-Superman
T. Tag 5 people: Carolyn, Julie, Kim(the other one), Jenn Lynn, Samantha
U. Unknown Fact about Me? When Aaron and I were first married I was obsessed with the show "Wings" I would watch as many episodes as I could find on the USA channel each day. It was sad.
V. Vegetables? I'm a fan.
W. Worst Habit? Speaking first, thinking later.
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Holy weird question. I guess an ultrasound is more often a happy experience.
Y. Your favorite food? There aren't too many foods that aren't my favourite. I especially love seafood, salads and desserts.
Z.Zodiac sign: Aquarius (this is the dawning of the age)

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nyn said...

A very happy un birthday to you!! and thank you for the tag. I did it :)

Samantha said...

Happy half birthday! It sounds like it was a much better day than your full birthday was this year. Genevieve and I have our birthdays 5 months apart, and sometimes we would get presents on each other's birthdays as a "half birthday present."

Thanks for the tag--I'll get on it soon!