And in political news closer to home.....

Druuuumroooolllll Please join me in congratulating Mr. Vice President Ben (" Yeah Hannah Montana voted for me") Sayer!


His speech was masterfully delivered. We laughed, we cried, we believed. Oh he was magnificent. No really, he was very good, and incredibly cute in his little power tie. And regardless of whether he won or not, I think he used the opportunity to speak to all his school-mates very well, showed his fine character and did us all proud. Go Benj, Go Benj..It's your birthday...Well actually no, it's not so don't get carried away ok?

One day I will be smart enough to know how to get the video off my video camera onto something that the internet can peruse, and then you can see for yourself. But here's a picture taken by his little sister who was dragged from her sick bed to watch him and then taken directly to the Dr. (We have our priorities). But not before she dragged her feverish little self across the school in search of a ballot so she could vote for her big bro. That my friends, is loyalty. We like.

Finny showed his support by cheerfully exclaiming to every person we passed on the way out, "Vote for Ben!".... "Vote for Ben!" it was very sweet. Gabe apparently shrieked like a girl when the news came over the PA system. He is not ashamed of that at all. Go Gabe.

I like these kids.

*Edited to add a belated shout-out to my awesome neighbour Tiffany who has her finger on the pulse of all that is cool and helped us select the most popular peeps for the posters. Yay Tiff!

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Koala Green said...

Awe shucks, thanks (yea bring it) you shouldn't have! (I know I'm great) It really humbles me (I'm sweet) to have you give me a shout out (I really am awesome) like that!


Jennifer said...

I feel so proud to be even remotely connected to such celebrity! Go Ben! Kirsty-your blog is adorable. Great to hear about your cute family from Aaron. Can't believe I never knew you were in OH while we lived there. We still own our home in Rocky River so you never know-maybe we'll be back some day. We did love our time there. Love seeing you all so happy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Go Benj! Kirsty, have you considered hiring yourself out to the Presidential candidate of your choice to help him with his campaign??? Please let Benj know that we are very proud of him. How is feverish little sister?

Lots of love,

Marmie and the SA Randalls.