EVERYONE is voting for Ben!

Congrats to Benj and Gabe who continue their 2 year winning streak in student council! WOOT! We are still on track for the Sayer/Sayer ticket in 2000-something (I am too tired for Maths).

This year Benj is also eligible to run for Vice President. And oy to the V- E -Y , have we spent a lot of time trying to find words that rhyme with Ben and Sayer. (Surprisingly few. Agonizingly few.)

With lots of creative input from friends and family (er...thanks Luke)... and even a staged soccer photo shoot with the styling expertise of Coach Nathan, this is what we came up with. Can you believe we found so many celebs to wear Vote for Ben t-shirts?! And I thought that it was jolly decent of McCain/Palin to endorse him considering we won't be returning the favour.

I stayed up very late/early finishing these up. Being a campaign manager is hard work and the pay is ridiculous but it is all worth it to wake up to a 10 year old who is increasingly hard to impress saying, " MOM! THE POSTERS ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!" I suppose they were somewhat less impressive when he left for bed with a pile of cut out celebrities on the rug.

VOTE FOR BEN!! Now we just have to come up with the speech. Strength.
*click to enlarge these. It is worth it.

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~ Keara said...

O. M. G. Brilliant! Love the posters! If I have to ever come-up with a campaign for one of my kids, I'm totally stealing your ideas!!! EXCELLENT!!! Best of luck to Ben. He's such a caring guy--really which of your children isn't?--I'm sure he will make a wonderful class vice president!

April Kennedy said...

Ben, hunny, it's not just the posters that are FREAKIN AWESOME...your MOTHER is too! OHGosh, Kirsty, those are amazing. Congrats to Mom and Good Luck to Ben!

nyn said...

You are officially the coolest mom I know. Those posters are great. Congrats on all your and their hard work!!

Koala Green said...

Congrats to Ben. I was at the school when it was announced! I gave a cheer. Although I think your awesome neighbor deserves a shout out as well!