Labour Day

I found this Labour Day survey at rocks in my dryer and who am I not to jump on the chance to talk about birth?

How long were your labors?

1st-13 hours
2nd-16 hours
3rd-17 hours
4th-25 hours

(Do you see a pattern here that may have dissuaded a smarter individual from persisting with the experiment?)

How did you know you were in labor?

1st-water broke

2nd-when the pain wouldn't stop even though it was annoyingly irregular


4th-'bout the same (I always tell my doula peeps: when you stop being excited that you are having contractions you know it is the real deal)

Where did you deliver?

1st-Little hospital in Moscow Idaho. Loved, loved, loved it. Cried when they finally made me leave after about a week. (I had no good reason to stay, they just let me).

2nd-Big hospital in Walnut Creek California. Hate, hate, hated it. Kicked me out within 24 hours.

3rd-Same hospital, hated it even worse. Kicked me out in 18 hours, with 2 toddlers waiting for me at home.

4th-Little hospital in Ohio-water birth in their tub. Wonderful. I stayed for about a week again (although this time I did have a legitimate reason to stay, and it was not quite as fun as when I did not.)


I had pitocin with my first when after several hours the contractions weren't impressing my Dr. enough (they had been impressing me just fine). But never any pain meds. Heck yes, I'm tough.


Thankfully never although it was a near thing when the 1st had a bit of prolapsed cord issue but it all came right.

Who delivered?

1. Dr. Episiotomy. He was a very nice man.
2.Random (but nice) Midwife supplied by big hateful hospital. Swore never to return.
3.Random (but very nice) Midwife supplied by still big, still hateful hospital I returned to 18 months later.
4.Midwife I actually knew. She was great.

Today we were appropriately labouring sorting through some old papers when I came upon a little essay I wrote when Gracie was 3 weeks old. Tomorrow I will post some of that essay. I believe God sent it to me as a sign that my baby-hunger is really irrational and should be ignored.

Speaking of physical pain and feats....My favourite combo has once again occurred: New month! New week! Who worked out today? I did! I did! Did you? Didja? Didja? Tell me all about it.

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Kallie said...

i DID! just a walk with the kiddies in the jogger to see the horses and check out the farm produce -- but it was so lovely being chillier than it has been... (ps. i wish you could be my doula for my next child ... does it work long-distance?)