Looking back..looking forward...

Gracie told me that she had to wear red white and blue to school today because of "that holiday.. you know....?" she said vaguely. When I finally figured out that she was referring to the commemoration of 9-11-01, I realized that Gracie had not yet been born when the Twin towers were hit. She was safely snuggled up somewhere under my ribs. I can hardly believe it has been that long.

As chubby little thirteen month old Gabe stood happily trying to catch the CNN ticker as it scrolled the increasingly dreadful news across the screen, I was struck by the contrast of his sweet innocence with the unthinkable evil that had motivated the people flying those planes.

Remarkably, life goes on, my children were blessed to be oblivious to the horror of that day and thankfully to a large extent they remain that way.

But many other children weren't as lucky. Children who lost fathers and mothers that day are still without them seven years later. Children thousands of miles away in Afghanistan and Iraq found their lives and innocence shattered as a war raged around them due to what happened on this day in the United States.

More fathers and mothers continue to be taken from their children both here and there every day. I am hoping that by 9-11-09 as we commemorate those who were lost, we will be also be able to have a real sense of closure knowing that the war in Iraq is over and we are really, finally moving on.

Seven years is too long.

My prayers are with all those families who are remembering their loved ones today.

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~ Keara said...

It really is too long. I remember that day, sitting down in my chair and saying aloud, to no one in particular, "everything has changed forever." I just knew that the world was different, would never be what it was before. Little did I know that it would change in ways that I couldn't even imagine--like a never-ending war with so many more lives lost on both sides. And for what? What have we gained? Certainly not enough to justify what we have lost.

Leah said...

What touching photos of Gabe and CNN. Very poignant. *sniff*

nyn said...

Every 9-11 my heart breaks again for the loss of so many lives and loved ones. Thank you for the thoughtful words and comemoration. I ditto your thoughts and feelings here. Love you!!