My boyfriend's back.....

in pre-school that is. That was the longest break ever. Poor kid. He thought the day would never come.

The impatiens are now as high as (an impatient) pre-schooler's eye!

This is the face of the experienced pre-schooler, taking in the lay of the land. His kingdom. He is one of "da big guys" this year. He told me that he could not wait to "take care of the little guys. I love those little guys"


I love this little guy. He is still very little. Really.

And now mom has 2.5 hours sans children each weekday. It feels very odd once again, but I'm sure I will become accustomed to it. I will manage somehow.

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~ Keara said...

Awww. He is such a sweet, sweet little--BIG, I mean big guy. ;-) You know you're raising them right when they think of others before themselves. Enjoy your break...I'll start to get mine (4 days a week) next Wednesday. I can hardly wait!!!

nyn said...

So super adorable. Adelle started yesterday too. How sweet.