Supporting the arts...

Last night I was doing a little project and Gracie was gathering the bits of cardstock that were left over from my cuttings and making them into lovely decorated frames for her many masterpieces. Gracie is a prolific artist indeed. As we all marveled at her creativity and talent I noticed Gabe drawing her into a private conversation.

He was telling her that she should definitely sell her artwork on eBay. I heard him say, "you would definitely sell them, that is NOT a lot of money to pay for a CARDBOARD picture made by a SIX YEAR OLD!" He is deeply impressed and has much faith in the retail value of her genius apparently. (I love how that kid is ever supportive with no concept of sibling rivalry. It is tres endearing.)

They continued to murmer intently, until I heard Gabe exclaim in great earnestness, "I've GOT it! I know what you should draw to sell!...DOGS! Playing POKER". It was only Gracie's gasp of amazed joy at the recognition of such a gem of an idea that made the moment funnier.

My kids have got them some culture.

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Anonymous said...

Is he not the best older brother a girl could wish for? Obviously, he will be her manager and they will make scads and scads of money and come and visit us often!! I will have to put a picture of poker playing dogs in the prime position in my new living room one day!