This is the time of your life...

I have mentioned before that I love the words to this song and having just returned from the funeral of my 34 year old friend Stacey, a mother of five, they resonate more with me then ever. Something she had written to be read at the service emphasize those words even more,
"When it seems like there is not going to be a tomorrow, live for today. Watch the sunsets (maybe the sunrise too, but who gets up that early?) Smell the flowers, eat new foods..."

The words of the song I love so much? "This is the time of your life. What you gonna do with it? Don't fool with it", have certainly been put more poetically often and in many different forms. But I have always found it emotive and thought provoking, perhaps because no words are minced.So how much do I live for today, this, the only time I have guaranteed to me? I have been known to say "Oh I love is just a pity it comes before Winter..."

This my friends is a classic example of not living for today. So instead of living in steadfast denial that Autumn is on it's way, I will show you some of the treasures that Finny and I picked up on a lovely walk the other day to confirm this wonderful fact.

I love the light in the Autumn. It is just so mellow and beautiful.

Finny decorated his bike with all the brightly coloured leaves he found. Do you like his Hello shirt? I do. I made it for him because I had one as a child which I adored..

See what it says on the back?

Here it is a little closer. ..bitter sweet. Do you remember mine, mom and dad?

And here is the collage he made for Muss Cindi his teacher. Isn't it amazing how much better things look once the huge gobs of glue of have dried?

Glorious Autumn is on its way! But it is still quite warm and Summer is not quite ready to let go. And on this day, the time of my life, that is just fine with me!

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April Kennedy said...

I am so right there with you. Enjoying each moment actually...not even just the day. Life seems to be so much sweeter this way.

nyn said...

I too am torn about the pending arrival of autumn. I really appreciate your thoughts about treasuring the present. Thanks for another lovely post.