Thought provoking times...

Ok so Sarah Palin. She looks nice, she is well spoken, clearly knows how to work a crowd, has a very beautiful family and has remained married for a respectable period of time. These are all commendable things. Also commendable is that she sees herself as a force for change and is not afraid to act to get what she wants. Lots of us could benefit from just a bit of her chutzpah.

But here is what bewilders me and please feel free to chime in (respectfully please) if you can help me to understand better. I know many Republicans (particularly those of my faith) are Republicans largely because they believe this party better espouses family values. I disagree but I can see why they think so and respect their right to vote their conscience as I do mine. That's not the part that bewilders me. The part that bewilders me is that Sarah Palin has 5 children. One is a pregnant teen, another is a just barely not newborn baby with special needs. But let's not forget the sweet kids in between who don't have a "label" but are no doubt equally in need of focused parenting.

Palin's top priority right now is gaining political office. If she wins, the country requires that she totally commit to this job which substantially precludes her from raising her family.

In terms of family values, it seems a conundrum to me. Any thoughts?

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Jen Lynn said...

You know me and politics. I don't really follow along...

What does her husband do for a living?

And, you know, there are working mothers out there that have good families.

And most families have kids that mess up.

This girl's got some serious talk going on about her. Maybe I'll have to look her up and see what's goin' on in the political world huh?

Kirsty said...

Thanks for commenting Jen. Let me clarify:

1.I'm not saying she should not be president because her kid "screwed up". I'm saying it's hard to see how choosing VP over being around to help your kid through hard times jives with my idea of "family values"

2.Regardless of how politically astute you may or may not be I think we can all agree that being VP is not exactly comparable to being "a working mom". It means being first and foremost a servant to your country. And out of the country a good deal of the time. With a newborn. And a 6 year old and a teenager about to be a mom....

3.I don't believe a mom and a dad are interchangeable. Particularly not to a 17 year old pregnant child. Do you?

Kirsty said...

Oops corrections and clarifications of my clarifications: As for clarification number:

1. I'm not saying she should be president should read VICE president (freudian slip perhaps ;) Again please note that there is no judgment re the teen getting pregnant in this discussion.

2.Piper is 7 not 6. My bad.
Also let me add that to take this woman away (often physically and certainly in terms of her focus) from her family a good deal of the time would be a choice that the country would be making for her. Women work for many reasons, sometimes it is not in their hands, it is not their choice. Sometimes it is. This time it IS a choice, and it is a choice WE are making for that family.

3.Might have sounded a bit confrontational but is not meant to be, it truly is a genuine question.

nyn said...

In general I stay away from political discussion, mainly because it can seem very confrontational. I know that people have strong holds on their ideas and values and the political parties that they feel best represent those values. I have had a very hard time with this political race because I have honestly not known who to vote for. I don't vote any one ticket because when it comes right down to it, all the people running seem to be politicians first and foremost. I don't feel like they truly have any interest at heart besides their own. If, and I can't stress if enough here, I did vote for the McCain/Palin ticket it would not be because I feel that this woman fulfills any family values that I hold dear. It would be because she might be able to help move the country in a different direction than it has been going. I haven't seen much from her and McCain or the Obama/Biden group that makes me want to vote at all. As I have said to my husband many times this year. I think for the first time I might actually sit this one out.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am really old and old fashioned, but a lot of people can be VP, but only one can be a mom to those kids. Reminds me of Neal A Maxwell's talk re: neglecting the head-waters to take care of those down stream (serious paraphrasing). I think you will know which one I mean.

Jen Lynn said...


If she's gonna run the country well, (because we all know McCain's gonna croak any day, right?) and not send us into the hands of the terrorists (because we all know that Obama's a terrorist in hiding, right?) Then can't we just sacrifice ONE family for the greater good???

Sarcasm right?

I'll have to check this woman out.

Kirsty said...

*Sage words Jen Lynn, sage words :P

*My thoughts exactly Marmie. Thanks for not running for VP of SA. Cos you know you totally would have won. I appreciate it! :D