What made me laugh til I cried as I folded Mt. Laundry yesterday...

Mostly because she reminds me of myself in the way she starts off trying to be all calm and rational and by the end she is waving her hands and frothing at the mouth and saying the H E double hockey sticks word (which by the way I think I show great restraint in not using on my own da...rn blog since it is not considered a swear in SA or apparently in England-and neither is the da*n word). Ellen's closing comment just made it even more sublime.
**Not that I should have to put a disclaimer on my own d*mn blog but a heads up that this is (gasp) political, so if that makes you all squirrely and apt to break out in a rash, you should come back tomorrow :)

Speaking of which, go make your voice heard on this issue, here:
PBS Is Sarah Palin qualified to serve as VP poll

Oh and by the way, a message to all the commentators on youtube who were suprised/scandalized/outraged that she would dare to have an opinion given that she is "not even a citizen!" Seriously? Are you serious? Are you seriously SERIOUS???

Even if she didn't live here and she didn't pay a squillion dollars in taxes every year, and if she weren't as affected by this election as any other bona fide card carrying citizen, here's a news-flash: the US is a pretty influential country. Yeah...just a bit. And what happens has an enormous impact on the rest of the world, with repercussions that affect pretty much everyone on the planet. Nobody else's business? Please tell me you are kidding.

I'm Kirsty Sayer and I approved this message

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April Kennedy said...

Kirsty you had me rolling! I love love love Ellen and watch her to get my "laugh" for the day. Do I agree with what was said...well I plead the 5th, but it sure was funny!