Because tonight is all about the deep and meaningful posts...

Got this from Tiffany and then Jen Lynn..
I am: insane for not being in bed.

I have: half of a monster cake left

I Think: I'm going to regret this in the morning

I Know: that I have an saint for a husband

I Want: Obama to win!

I Have: four ridiculously awesome kids. Seriously, it can get embarrassing.

I Dislike: the ugliness of this election and I wish it was ending tomorrow.

I Miss: my family in SA and Oz. Although none of them miss me. Do you? No you don't. Because if you did you would read my blog and comment on this statement but you don't, and this will be my proof. Ha! HA! Slackers.

I Fear: anything involving rodents and harm to my children.

I Feel: as though I have made exceptionally bad nutritional choices today. Bleh...

I Smell: of the perfume Beautiful (thanks Marmie :)

I Crave: a run and the feeling of having eaten healthily.

I Cry
: more easily all the time. Like Jen Lynn I often tear up if I am saying something really nice to someone.

I Usually: go to bed too late

I Search: for hair pretties, brushes, scissors and socks a lot.

I Wonder: what I will be when I am grown up.

I Regret: every time I say something in anger.

I Love: a clean house, a clean car, clean insides and the dream of having a cleaner.

I Care: less about what people think about me then I used to.

I Always: take out my contacts, wash my face, brush and floss my teeth before bed even when I tell myself I am just going to the contacts, or the contacts and brush. It is probably why I go to bed so late, I dread all I have to do before then.

I Worry: too much. I worry that I worry too much. Then I worry that I am too introspective/self absorbed.

I Am Not: uncomplicated

I Remember: conversations and experiences that other people don't which makes me wonder if I need to get more of a life.

I Believe: that exercise will almost always make you feel significantly better in every way.

I Dance: with my kids

I Don't Always: practice what I preach.

I Argue: quite well but not as much as I used to.

I Write: for posterity (how original). Also to dump my feelings.

I Win:very rarely

I Lose: my mind with some regularity.

I Wish: I could be more naturally disciplined

I Listen: to NPR in the car because I find it soothing.

I Don't Understand: the whole Mormon/Republican thing. I'm a Democrat because I'm a Mormon, not in spite of it. I may have mentioned that before ;)

I Can Usually Be Found: awake

I Am Scared: of flying no longer! (Although I'm still not a huge fan)

I Need: more money. Or fewer bills. Fewer bills works fine for me too.

I Forget: People's names. I refer to people as "Thingie" more often then not. Not to their face though.

I Am: irresponsible for not being in bed. And going there now.

I'm reading: Because tonight is all about the deep and meaningful posts...Tweet this!


Jen Lynn said...

I'm glad I'm not alone with the crying thing.

Also, the other day I was raging at Aive for something ridiculous like she didn't want to get dressed and the whole time I was yelling at her, I was yelling at myself for yelling and telling myself to stop, and I just couldn't do it. (The whole saying things in anger thing)

Also, the move is awesome. I've never hurt my knees with it. I guess you just have to be careful with how you place your feet. It's like a lunge and squat move in one. I love it.