Doing my civic duty....

Last night I wandered around the student ghetto for my boy, Obama. It was frankly, rather horrible. My friend Carolyn and I were wrestling 2 clipboards, multiple envelopes of pamphlets, a tired baby in an umbrella stroller and a three year old who seemed to be on a suicide mission and it was getting dark in the ghetto.

All this would have been OK but we did not feel it was all that worth it since most of the peeps on our list had moved on probably about 5 years ago or so. There was also a lady who it seemed had crouched at her front window all day waiting for someone to pause on her sidewalk long enough so that she could rush to the door, rip it open and yell, "YOU ARE DISTURBING MY DINNER".

Since I was a married, Mormon student for the most part, it was truly educational for me to see how much booze is apparently needed to get the average student through a week. It's sort of ironic that most people do the most drinking during the time that their brain is supposed to be at it's sharpest. Imagine if there was no booze? I bet someone would have invented my hover-car by now.

Anyway it was all made more then worth it when Obama sent me this last night:

OK fine, I may have sent it to myself. But I bet he would be glad that I did.

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nyn said...

I love this Kirsty. You do rock!! I am so impressed with your drive to get out the vote. Love it!!