Halloween weary

It's my marathon tomorrow and I'm already Halloween exhausted. Can you tell? How d'ya like my super clean van? And Aaron? Never had a chance to ask but what was with the pumpkins and the jumper cables babe?

Last night we had trunk or treating and the little carnival that follows it. I usually love it. When I don't have to organize it. Organizing stuff tends to make it less fun.

BUT! People! Progress!!!!
I did not, I repeat I did not fail to delegate the class party to the various mothers who signed up for it! I am bringing....NAPKINS! SERVIETTES for us South Africans! And PAPER PLATES! And that is all! Apart from a couple of dozen cupcakes I will bake just in case, and my camera to take photos for the year book, and make up so I can do it for my boys before the Parade. But that is all!! I am so proud of myself. Truly.
Tomorrow I really am going to have fun!

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