I don't know about you but when my party....

starts trying to sway people from the opposing candidate because of his name I'm going to wonder why they are so desperate. And desperation, it's one thing, understandable even. Neither party is innocent of defamatory claims and smears. Politics in this country, is frankly gross. But when it makes you this ugly, to me, it shows a lack of character.

Particularly when you have started off your campaign vehemently claiming that you will not let it get personal and then you make no protest when you hear your supporters yell things like "kill him!" Niiiiiice.

I am nauseated, literally. (Which may be a good thing since there is a pumpkin spice cake in my kitchen which I have made it my mission to eat by the end of the day).

Honestly, this type of stuff undermines everything this country supposedly stands for. And I don't care which party you vote for, I don't think you can argue with that.

Hey wait! Could it be possible that McCain is actually a drug lord...I mean..McCaine...COcaine. Code?!!! See? It's ridiculous, repulsive and sinking that low is a very easy game to play.
I sincerely hope and hereby earnestly request that my candidate of choice continues to choose not to. It serves no-one.

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