I'm going to be on the national news tonight!

Ok well, my town will be. But I live here so practically the same thing. And who is to say they don't pan over to my face just as I am hissing at a child to stop whining whilst giving The Look. (The Look is feared by children all over the world and envied by their mothers. I have known several mothers who have tried to adopt my patented Look but it is universally understood that they will never be as intimidating as I am, no matter how hard they may try and practice. Some faces are just made to be scarier then others. I'm sorry. Nobody said life was fair.)

Our little town will be featured live on ABC World News Tonight as part of Charles Gibson's 50 states in 50 days tour. My understanding is that he will be interviewing sundry townsfolk here regarding political issues (although isn't everything a political issue?) He will then be interviewing people (I think students on campus) after the Presidential debate has aired. I have my speeches all prepared. Just in case. So be sure to watch! I will be the one standing on a ladder waving and saying, "Me! Meeeeeeeee!!!!"

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april kennedy said...

I can't for the life of me remember where you moved to?

Kirsty said...

April, if you clicked the link I provided you would ;)

nyn said...

Oh no I missed it. Will you be providing a link with you waving in the background? I am sad I only just checked your blog. I was hoping to see your great town of BG. How exciting!!

Koala Green said...

you were on the local news for about 2 to 3 seconds.

Frog said...

Exciting stuff! I wish you had made it on TV - such a great representative you are, and I know your prepared speeches would have been fantastic.

Anonymous said...

And here I was, totally oblivious to the fact that I am the mother of a Nearly Celeb! Proud of you that you have a voters conscience. So many in all lands have stifled it to death!!! YAY for my girl with the Prepared Speech. You will get a chance to use it when you become the Mayoress of Bowling Green, so file it somewhere safely!!!
PS Must tell you, sometimes I am challenged to reproduce the letters in squiggley writing for the word verification!