In other words..please shut up...

So I'm lying on the couch with Finny. He is watching Wonder Pets. I join the little characters in quietly singing the theme song. He stops, looks at me, not unkindly, and smiles. I do not take the hint, I resume singing, "what's going to work? Teeeeeeam work!"

He stops singing again and pointedly places a kiss right on my mouth (clearly intended to muffle the sound). Then he pats my head and says (in that sweet cajoling voice we use to lull children and animals into thinking that doing something they don't want to was their idea in the first place), "why don't you take a little nap? You don't need to sing or talk. Ok?"

And because he is the most charming child on the planet I chuckled and obeyed. (Sshh please don't tell! I'm supposed to be taking a little nap right now).

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nyn said...

This is sweet. What a loving boy to try so hard to ask in a kind way to be quiet. I just love this.