Return of the unProdigal son...

Here's our boy! He was a tie dyed zombie. With a manly head wound.

The joyful reunion

Finny could not wait to show him his latest Goodwill acquisition. "Cool, Finny!"

The phone rang-Daddy could not wait to talk to him.

Mommy could not wait to interrogate him:

"So Beejy-B are you tired?"
"yeah". "Are you hungry?" "Yeah" Did you have a good time? "yeah" "An awesome time?" "yeah". "An absolutely freaking amazing time?" "yeah" Were you homesick? "Nope." "That's good" . :)

It's amazing what a little Panera will do for the blood sugar. After lunch he was wasted no time in teaching his awe-struck and eager sibs some campfire songs (with actions)

Welcome home Beej! We are so glad you are back! Yeah!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That is one manly head wound! LOL I love the pictures of him teaching the others the campfire songs. :)

nyn said...

Oh so cute!! How did he hurt his head? I love the picture of the campfire songs, so fun.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Benj. To Kirsty - WHAT happened to his head??
Luke recalls every time he got home from rugby I would say "Are you teeth OK? Hi, how are you". Wonder it is that my kids are as normal as they are. Thanks for the cute photos. Awesome shirt Benj.

Kirsty said...

Re: the head. There is an activity course called "low ropes" and he tripped over the low ropes and hit his head on one of the high ropes.

Mom I still scream "TEETH TEETH!!! ARE THE TEETH OK every time someone starts crying or comes toward me with their hand over their mouth so you scarred us more then you think..sorry ;)