Still recovering...

from the horror of Sarah Palin last night. Can't talk. Brain numbed with apoplectic rage and disbelief. Can she really be happening?

I am waiting to wake up and tell you all about the most bizarre disturbing dream I had where this woman who did not speak so good the English was grinning (or should I say grinnin') like a very patronizing Cheshire cat and winking like she had a twitch and churning out the 4 canned responses she had learned so well in the last week, over and over again regardless of whether they were in any way relevant to the question asked or not. And worst of all, apparently believing that Americans are stupid enough to buy the fact that she is in any way qualified to even dream about being the VP to the leader of the free world, just because she can tell them, "hey ya I am just like y'all. You betcha. Bless your heart. Kitchen table! Main street! Maverick!" Grin. Wink.

Yeah it was the strangest dream, I'm all chilled and sweaty thinking about it...and you were there, and you were there and you were....

*In case you missed it. Here is a flow-chart that pretty much sums it up. Exactly
(PG 13 Language)

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Koala Green said...

Did you see SNL I have it DVRed if you want to watch! To funny!