Things I don't entirely suck at....

Since feeling lame and useless doesn't really help anyone, least of all me, and my hormones are no longer in the "I hate everything especially me" phase of the month, I have been trying to compile a list of gifts that I have been given and may take for granted. Which would be ungrateful. And ingratitude really irritates me.

SO without further ado...

Some things I do feel capable at.

I am not afraid to speak in public
Creating ambience
Making conversation
Showing affection
Thanks to my mother, I know how to clean. This doesn't mean I always choose to do so, don't judge my mom for that.
Finding amazing deals and treasures at thrift stores and garage sales.
I type very quickly (hence my epic posts and emails-sorry 'bout that)
I read very quickly
Expressing gratitude.
Finding things funny
Knowing wrong from right
Voting for the right person ;)
Great judge of character (just check out my friend list)
And...shockingly enough...
I make pretty darn good cookies when I bother to.

Some things Aaron thinks I am good at. Aaron is often deluded. But sweet.

Drawing ( dear)
Taking care of our kids
Crafting (lololololol)
Interior decorating
Looking hot in your thrift store clothes (you know it)
Consulting/being a therapist
Motivating people
Seeing the bigger picture (ummmm.....o...k..)
Making people feel comfortable and good about themselves
Being an awesome and cool wife

Aww..Thanks Pooh! I appreciate you agreeing with all the things I suggested to you.

Things Finny thinks I am good at

Bathing me
"Aaaand....I got nuthin"

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april kennedy said...

Love it,Kirsty. I might have steal that idea about asking my husband and kids what they think I am good at. I am sure Dave's no. 1 will be wasting time on the internet! I tell is my Journal and you will be glad to have it someday! Good for you...I knew you were talented...never a doubt!

p.s. you forgot coaching labor/doula!

~*~pumpkintrina~*~ said...

I would like to add to your list, "having babies with no happy drugs" and "eating gizzards and other assorted fried foods."

Thumbs up!

Deanna said...

I certainly can't vouch up or down for yours specifically outside of what you wrote of your opinion of your DH's list since I haven't been in your home or your actual presence, but don't you just love how they think they're encouraging us to do the things they don't want to do by saying that we're actually good at them whether we are or not?
How's that for a run-on sentence?

Kirsty said...

April-hey that's my number 1 talent too! Cool! :D ;)
Trina-Gah...*pukes* my stomach only JUST recovered. As for birth I may have had no happy drugs but I had you :D
Deanna-Aaron does not have enough guile for that and if he did he would have put: doing dishes, making the dinner every night, mowing the lawn, never whining....etc etc. He is genuine even if he is deluded ;)