As we arrived. I actually didn't see any other children there. Here they are, waving to their public. So proud of my politically aware chillens. Benj is going to be devastated to have missed it. Finny was thrilled every time he saw an Obama sign. I just now realised that he can't read, so hey, nice work on the product recognition Obama- sign- maker- guys!!

Me! MEEEE!!! Charlie!!! Over here! I have words to say!

Officer, what is that disturbing woman doing? Are we quite safe? Oh good heavens now she is coming our way. Does she look manic to you? Is that a sheepdog she is wearing?

Close enough to touch.And to see many layers of television make-up. It actually makes them look almost plastic.

We could hear him speaking to y'all even if we couldn't see him so well. He is that speck between the light screens. Were you proud of how quiet we all were? You could hear a pin drop. Apart from me saying how amazing it was how quiet everyone was keeping. And telling the kids that they were on national TV right now! Kinda sorta. And also discussing with the student next to me how awesome it would be if one of the very active squirrels fell out of the tree on Charlie's head. Oh c'mon. Like that would not be awesome. And you know, it was very possible. Squirrels are always falling out of trees. But alas, these were well co-ordinated squirrels.

I went over and told these guys they need to raise these signs and represent since some kook managed to get into the shot with a McCain/Palin sign (illegally I may add-they were forcibly removed). Here was our (very legal and dignified) representation. Later I saw them and their 2 signs on the news. But not me standing next to them. But that is ok. Only because I was wearing my blanket/sheepdog sweater with bad hair and no lipstick. If I had looked hot it would have been completely unacceptable.

Ok here is exhibit 1009848 why Aaron is the worst photographer in the history of time. (It's ok, he knows this about himself). In this shot I was hoping to get the word VOTE as I held up my twin peace signs. It would have been powerful man. Powerful. But he screwed it up.

HEY EVERYONE!! GO VOTE!!! Do it for us!!!!!

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Amz said...

Very COOL! I can see the kids think it is the bees' knees as well!