Being Rudolph

Finny has a newfound obsession. This being the plight, fate, life and times of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

These are just a few of the questions posed to me with accompanying furrowed brow, anxious eyes and pursed lips which make copious kissing mid earnest-questioning utterly irresistible.

  • "Why do the other Reindeer tease Rudolph just because he has a red nose?"
  • "Can't Rudolph just walk away and go into the barn to ignore them when they are teasing him?"
  • "How do the other reindeer concentrate when they are flying if they are busy teasing him?"
  • " Why does he have to go in front?""
  • "Why does Rudolph have to be different anyway?"
  • "Why can't all the reindeer have red noses so they can be teased together?"
  • "Why can't Rudolph just have a black nose?"
  • "Who is the judge? I think the judge is Cupid. So why can't Cupid just tell them to stop and let Rudolph join in the reindeer games?"
Followed by this sometimes slightly more awkward line of questioning:

  • "Can I have a reindeer and put it in the toy-box that we kept Thumper in before we got the cage for Thumper? Cos I really want to see Rudolph the red nosed reindeer."
  • "Do reindeer eat grass? Maybe our reindeer could just eat our grass?"
  • Where does Santa keep the reindeer when they are up North? Do they get cold?
  • If they are out in a barn, is that why Santa does not notice that Rudolph is being teased and make them stop?

Which led to the articulation of this most fervent yearning:

"I really, REALLY want to see a picture of Rudolph Mommy. Could you please find me a picture of him on your 'puter?"

When this one failed to satisfy:

An exhaustive google search was embarked upon for "Photo of Real Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer". After much searching, triumphant gasps, and many a meaningful glare at the more cynical, photo-shop savvy older siblings and their friends, we found these magnificent artifacts which filled my sweet four year old with much wide- eyed wonder and joy. Behold! Lo!

The infant Rudolph! The nose as we all know, gets redder with age.

Rudolph, presumably taken whilst being excluded from Any Reindeer Games!

Rudolph in a lighter mood!

And the mother-lode! Picture of Rudolph captured, we imagine, by excited kids in their car, on their way to the North Pole!

Also at this juncture I must add that when he sings the song he pronounces it as such,

"and if you ever sawl him...."

The day he drops the "l" will be a sad one indeed.

He also ends the song with panache:

"Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you'll go down in history. Like Obama!"

Man, but I love that kid.

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Brigitte said...

You mean to tell me its not "sawl" him?...

Your right! He is so damn cute!

nyn said...

Absolutely the most adorable post. I love when they are so little and sweet like this. Thanks for the fun pictures too.

Anonymous said...

Ag vooi! That is too, too bedorable for words! I guess if I was there I would bite holes in his sweet little arms! Just as well he is protected by distance! I DID NOT KNOW that reindeers really had red noses. Do they all, or only a certain species? If so, where did they get the idea to have black-nosed ones tease him????
Love the boy to bits!

Kirsty said...

I think it may just be the breed, or the baby version of that breed. They do, as a rule seem to have black noses ;) :) I do eat him all the time. He is quite stoic about it.

Carolyn&co said...

I love this! He is one of a kind!