Let me explain this to you in a way you can understand....

So I was just sitting here, Finny on my lap. I was playing a highly entertaining game by gripping his little wrists in my hands and causing them to flail around wildly, hitting my face. I was exclaiming in mock indignation, "why are you hitting me?! How can you be so disrespectful? I am your mother, I do everything for you and you hit me?" (Never miss out on guilt inducing teaching opportunity. It is in my Italian heritage.)

He was half apoplectic with laughter (which of course, just encouraged me to continue) and half horrified. It was clear that a part of him suspected that perhaps I really did think he was hitting me willfully. He kept gasping between hysterical laughter, "mommy, I am not doing it to you! You are making me do it, I don't want to hit you!"

Eventually I stopped so we could both regain our breath. I continued with the charade. "Finny, why did you hit me? I'm so sad!" He said, very earnestly, "Mommy, I didn't! I wasn't trying to!"

Seeing that I wasn't buying it (because I have a warped sense of humour which makes me take this type of joke too far), and with a face reflecting grave concern, he grabbed my wrists in his hands and sharply slapped himself across the face with them, exclaiming, "why would you do that to a kid?!" Then dropped my hands and said earnestly, "See?!"

I conceded that indeed I did, and then went on to eat him. He was delicious.

Taken at another time when he was experiencing an endearing mix of hilarity and concern as he tried not to drop his pumpkin on the (last!! Sniff!) preschool pumpkin patch trip.

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Auntie Jenny said...

I SPY and Auntie Jenny hat!!!!

april kennedy said...

I Laughed Out Loud. I play the same game...and I,too, take games too far...and Kaia is getting too strong to play that game with her anymore...bummer.

I loved his example....precious!