Stacey's Story

was published on at today. iLashGirls is co-founded by a friend of mine, Leigh Anne Wilkes. I stumbled accidentally on her site several months ago and I found it so inspiring. But I forgot to bookmark it. I was so sad and every so often I would try to back-track trying to figure out where to find her again. One day a list of hundreds of websites was listed. I randomly clicked on one of them-it was her! I have been a firm fan of her site ever since and am enjoying her new venture at too. I secretly think Leigh-Anne is some sort of alien or genetically modified bionic woman, because the amount she does, and does well is nothing short of miraculous. I often wish I was a fly on her wall to see how she gets it all done-and continues to look so serene as she does.

Here is Stacey's story
. Because I am so verbose, and even more so at 3am when I wrote this, some of my piece had to be edited for space. One line that did not make the cut in its entirety, which I would really love people to take away with them is this:

She was all about grabbing the moment, even if the moment was in every way inappropriate and inconvenient for the plans she had for it. She did not have the luxury of perfect timing to do the things she wanted to do, she had to take the time she had. She lived the way we all should. As though each day was her last, with gusto.

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