Twas the night before election. A stream of consciousness poem fueled by 100% sugar (and good intention)

'Twas the night before Election and all through the house
Not a tv was silent nor computer nor its mouse

The signs had been placed on the front lawn with care
In the hopes that Obama soon would win there

The pumpkins were carved
The buttons were pinned
We yearn and we hope and we pray for a win

A Socialist? Obama? We know it's not true
He just wants more money for me, and for you

And just how will he find all that money to give?
Why, he will end a war soon, and more people will live!

No Child Left Behind would get some much needed reform
Kids would stop filling in bubble sheets, being forced to perform
To some arbitrary standard which did not fill their head
With much more then wishing they’d just stayed in bed
Now teachers? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?
To actually get to teach, less time jumping through hoops?

Want to send your kid to college? Barack has a plan!
Help the community out and you’ll score a cool 4 grand
to put towards college, and community college is free!
Now tell me my friends, how cool would that be?

Moving on to health care reform
Help is on its way
And not the type that McCain offers where more taxes you will pay
Insurance the average "Joe" can afford
You’ve got to be sick in the head if you don’t get on board!
Most of us will save two thousand five hundred
and with no McCain healthcare tax will we be lumbered
Preventive care? Obama has it covered
There are plenty of diseases which don’t need to be suffered

And have I mentioned?
Obama-he’s green! Well not literally
But you know what I mean
Barack is really most keen
On keeping our air and our water clear and clean

Barack Obama represents hope
And if you can’t see what that means, then I guess you’re a dope
Hope is something we’re most short of right now
It’s also why the rest of the world has been having a cow
They think we are morons they think we are dolts
Let’s do something to give that notion a jolt.
They want him to win as badly as we do
With his help our messed up rep would get a big re-do

So many reasons
So little time
So make very sure that you get yourself in line
Early tomorrow .
Go ahead and vote
Get off of your couch put down that remote

Vote for Obama
Do it for your mama
Heck do it for your grandma
Your grandpa too
Do it for your kids
Do it for YOU

You won’t regret it
You’ll feel real proud
If Obama wins
We’ll be one happy crowd.

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Soxy Pirate said...

This was brilliant! BTW, I found a link to your blog from Leah Steelman's blog. I'm not sure how you know her, or if you know her, but she's my sister.

If you do know her, please don't hold her accountable for any of my views! I represent the far left of a far left family.

Shona said...

Gahneus sweaty ! All those Christmas eves spent reading the book have paid off

april kennedy said...

I must say that the poem was great....but I AM A DOPE and for sure going to vote!

Happy Election Day.

nyn said...

This is so cute and clever. I will be at the polls tomorrow. Thanks again for all your diligence in trying to inform voters.

leah said...

I love how Joel and I acknowledged each other only 4 minutes apart on two different posts tonight!!! LOL!

I voted already, btw. Feels good. :)

And BRAVO on the sugar induced words of wisdom. :) I had to LOL at the "do it for your mama. heck do it for your grandma." :)

I do do other things besides blog and surf the web, btw. Not from the looks of it tonight, but I feel like I needed to throw out that little disclaimer! :)

Kirsty said...

LOL Leah, I loved that too! Great minds think alike! I have been very happy to make the acquaintance of your whole family! :) Thanks for passing my blog on!

Nyn-have fun voting today!

April you Dope, there's still time to make the right (left) choice :D

Dahling, look forward to calling you all in lather later tonight.

Aunt LoLo said...

What a CLEVER poem! I have to admit- I have VERY mixed feelings about the election today. I'm not voting for Obama, for my own reasons....but I really don't think it will matter either way! (I know - nice morale, right?) I'm in a REALLY blue state. By the end of the day, my vote just won't count for much. What a world, what a world! So...I guess Obama has Connecticut's vote. ;-)