Which is why, maybe it is better that we don't even try...

This is one of the many, many attempts at a decent family portrait the other night. Our long suffering friend Amy, moved a couch, removed a picture from the wall of her home, and snapped, snapped and snapped some more.

We did not get one perfect shot.
And by perfect I mean, everyone was looking in one direction NOT SIX. Follow the eyes above. Seriously, 6 different directions! No two people were looking at the same thing. Awesome.

In fairness, I see that I am the major problem in this picture, however for the most part it was someone else ruining it with looking in the wrong direction. I tended to ruin it by looking drunk or frozen. My boys have issues with keeping their eyes open. Benj has issues with looking at the camera, period. Aaron has issues with smiling like he means it. Gracie is probably the most photogenic amongst us and the most cooperative of all the kids, but after a while, her radiant smile becomes frozen and a little bit disconcerting too. Kind of like the smile of someone who is about to snap. Which I don't blame her for one bit. Her psychotic smile speaks for us all.

Perhaps we will try again next week. 'Cos I'm a masochist/sadist like that.

PS: And what am I grateful for in these trying circumstances? That we don't have to do this more often. :) That, and the outtakes (ie: every picture) are always good for a laugh.

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Aaron said...

It just proves you are HOT from all angles.

I have an incurable condition that affects my ability to smile. You can probably tell that it causes me a great deal of pain to attempt smiling. Plus Finny is way heavier than last year.

Great post, babe!