The Lemonade Awards

I have been remiss in acknowledging this gesture so graciously extended by my sweet friend Janet. Who can be found at The Money Jar and also at Life in Focus. Janet is a Southern Belle and everything a Southern Belle should be. She is a real lady and a good Christian, really one of the kindest, most genuine and generous people I have ever met and such an example to me. I am honoured to call her a friend. I love Janet.

A couple of days ago I received a nomination from Denise at Full Nest. Denise is someone I admire so much for her cheerful capability through good and bad times. She reminds me of a pioneer woman, strong, brave with great ingenuity and creativity in making life good for her family, come what may. I always picture her with a big smile on her face, because that is the only way I have ever seen her (and no, I do not just know her through the photos she posts ;). Another great example to me. I love Denise.

The rules connected to this award, tend to paralyze me which is why it has taken me so long to acknowledge this award. I am supposed to nominate at least 10 people whose blogs show great attitude and gratitude. So here goes..

I have known Carolyn for many years and stages of life and I have dubbed her the Energizer Bunny. I don't think I have ever heard Carolyn's voice sound "down" it is always bubbly and she always sounds as though she is about to burst out laughing. She has so much excitement for life and a lot of love and compassion for others.

Another Pioneer woman. Kim has been dealing with a lot lately, but she is never defeated. I really admire her tenacity and her commitment to her kids and community, regardless of what struggles she may be going through, she comes through for them and makes miracles happen.

"I can do hard things" I have loved watching Julie do hard things and conquer them. She lives life on her own terms and that is inspiring.

I recently re-discovered Elaine, a childhood friend, through her blog. She blogs about her life with her family in England. It find it so comforting and cozy to read, she creates many simple pleasures for her kids. Like me she lives far from family, unlike me, she does not seem to whine about it.

Has survived 4 years of being my neighbour. 'Nuff said. Seriously as her blog header says, "if you can' t find the bright side of life, shine the dull side." I am constantly amazed at her upbeat, can-do attitude. She is always discovering and doing something new, and starting an exciting new endeavour with hope and enthusiasm.

Another recently re-discovered friend from times past. April is funny and unabashedly giddy about all things girly and stylish. A couple of months ago she featured several very honest posts about living with a child with spina-bifida. Many families are torn apart by such a challenge, but it seems to have only brought hers closer. I think many families must be blessed through the example they have set in living joyfully with an unforeseen physical challenge, and not letting it define either them or their child.

How I love Miss Twina. One of the most kind, gentle, and perennially idealistic and positive people I have ever met who has also been through more then most people I know. I can't wait to be invited over to her mansion in heaven :)

Kallie moved away when I was only just feeling like I was getting to know her, so I have loved watching her babies grow via her blog. I never fail to smile or laugh when I see photos of her adorable happy kids along with her understated and witty commentary. She really seems to be enjoying and making the most of her motherhood experience, and her kids are enjoying it too :)

Jen Lynn
Jen Lynn who tolerate the fact that I always call her by her full name and find it amusing to be consistently mean to her. (Weird thing, that). Jen is all about keepin' it real and she has been really generous in sharing her struggles with depression in the past. While she shares the bad days with us, you always have the sense that a better one is just around the corner. I have never had a conversation with Jen where she wasn't smiling and quietly chuckling throughout it. You have got to love a person whose default expression and reaction to anything good or bad is to smile and chuckle. Nervous habit or not, it makes me happy.

Hilarious Julie, keeps me laughing and has such a light and funny outlook on life. She is also the mom of three awesome kids with challenges that can make life pretty complicated. Another mom who does not let those challenges define her kids, herself or her life. I am in awe of moms like these.


Yet another childhood friend re-connected. I love Samatha's honest analytical style of expressing herself in good times and bad. I am so impressed by her commitment to running despite physical problems that make it painful and give her the perfect "out" not to. I am also impressed by her tenacity to her career goals and at the same time, her willingness to be flexible with them when things don't go as planned.

Honourary mention to Benj and Gabe:
Who really are the coolest boys I know (apart from Finny). When things don't go their way, they rarely sulk, in fact they rarely notice. They love life and are grateful for their blessings and this makes me happy.
Who can spin gold from straw. I am amazed at her creative way of looking at things, the fact that she creates beautiful things with such great love, and her endless compassion for brothers who are in trouble (even if they are in trouble for being mean to her).

The list really could go on and on.. and I wish I had the time to extol the virtues of more of my friends, I know some amazing women. I think the internet is a double edged sword. Being allowed into the lives of such incredible women in such an intimate way is so uplifting, inspiring and often educational but at the same time, it can be a bit intimidating to know the calibre of character, talent and strength of so many of the women I associate with. But since I'm being honoured for good attitude here, I will focus on the inspiring part and thank you all for that.

So anyway with great honour comes great responsibility, blahblahblah.... here are the rules associated with this award. Like them, or leave them, it is all the same to me. Just know that I love you and think that you rock.

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

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nyn said...

Oh Kirsty, Thank you so much. This is so kind of you. I love you too and think you are amazing. I am glad that we have been able to stay connected through the blogging world and always look forward to your posts. Thank you for being my friend :)

Jen Lynn said...

chuckle chuckle grin.

Thanks K-dawg.

Kallie said...

i can see why you did put it off so long -- that's quite an effort - one that i don't know that i can get the gumption to do. but YOUR effort was very genuine, as are all your posts. (which is why they make me laugh so hard) don't tell anyone but i think your blog is in my top 2 fav-to-read. (that's not a "real" award -- just something i barely came up with. HAHA!

Kirsty said...

Thanks peeps! :) Kallie I should make it clear that writing a mini essay about each person is not a requirement, it is just part of my wordy long-winded compulsion :D But really, yes they are all very genuine.

Kim said...

Thank you Kirsty! I can't tell you how much I admire YOU for all you do.....which puts the rest of us mortals to shame! ;) You are amazing, upbeat, BUSY, gracious, smart, witty, and very insightful, did I mention BUSY?

I'm glad Denise nominated should be nominated a million times!


Samantha said...

I'm heartily ashamed at only getting around to writing this "thank you" now! See, what happened was that I went wandering off (in cyber space) reading all the other winners' blogs! And then my flights stopped being cancelled and I finally got to fly to Seattle. But THANK YOU! You wrote very thoughtful paragraphs about me (and everyone else).