My favourite Christmas movie. Now on Youtube!

Carolyn reminded me of my favourite Christmas movie. It has been a Christmas tradition of ours too for as long as I can remember. In Mr. Krueger's Christmas, Jimmy Stewart plays the sweet, lonely Mr. Krueger. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir provides the soundtrack. (From their album" White Christmas", which is also a un-negotiable part of our Christmas. My brother Seth, and I once walked around our neighbourhood on Christmas Eve trying to find someone who had a record player to loan us so we could play it, since our record player was broken. It was just not Christmas without that album.)

Anyway back to the movie. It is sweet, heart-breaking, funny and tender. There is one of the most beautiful scenes of any movie I have ever seen near the end, which is in my opinion, Jimmy Stewart's best work. It is less then 30 minutes long, and I highly recommend you share it with your family. I bet it will become one of your favourites too. Merry Christmas again!

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Jim and Reenie said...

Merry Christmas from South Africa. It is a pleasure working with your Mom and your Uncle Rolf. Have a nice holiday
Elder & Sister Von Stetten

nyn said...

Yipee!! I love this. We did watch it last night before we read Luke 2. I can never get through it without crying at that scene you mentioned. And funny thing I was thinking the same thing about Jimmy Stewart and his best acting FOR SURE!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

leah said...

ok, so i've been a michael mclean fan as long as i can remember - and have always heard of this movie - but have never watched it...

UNTIL THIS WEEK!!!! i'm so glad i did. it really is a treasure!

happy holidays! :)