Pausing mid-cookie fiasco...

to reflect on things that did go right today. But far be it for me to let the opportunity to describe a fiasco go by. First let me note that this cookie fiasco does not really surprise me. Baking is pretty much a guaranteed fiasco for me. Even when I do everything right, someone will walk into the kitchen and inexplicably turn the oven to "broil" or the power will go out just at the crucial "rising" stage. or the sky will fall. But usually it's because I did something wrong.

Today I made 2 types of cookies. The first were "Egg-nog cookies". I realized after the first batch was in the oven that I'd put in about half the butter that was called for. ("How does a person do that?", you may ask. "Good question", I may say. So I quickly added an estimate of the butter that was missing into the second batch.

Both batches were edible, actually my family and the little almost adopted neighbourhood boy LOVED them. I made a third batch without incident. They are pretty yummy, but they really aren't that pretty, and I feel just as strongly about things looking pretty as I do about them tasting good (maybe even more strongly). Weird you say? Whatever. I say.

Then I made what should have been beautiful mint truffle cookies. I did do everything right but for some inexplicable reason they keep burning to a crisp on the bottoms. Most frustrating. I was going to go to a cookie exchange tonight but I did not feel right about taking ugly 'though tasty cookies, or burned cookies which should have been beautiful, so instead I will stay home and get fat eating them all myself. Awesome

Ugly charred cookies aside here are some

Things That Made Me Smile Today
  • Smelling Vanilla Bean Noel all day. Julie turned me onto it at last year's "Favourite Things" partyI bought it for myself as reward for waking up to shop for everyone else at 3:30am on Black Friday. (Although shopping with my friend Cyndi at any time of the day, night or unholy hour of the morning, is about the most fun a person can legally have. Even if that person is a person who does not have that much cash to go shopping with) . Anyway back to the Vanilla Bean Noel. It is delish. Even if you don't generally go for smelling edible, even if you don't generally like the smell of vanilla, this scent will make you happy and give you the urge to lick yourself periodically (you must refrain from doing this in public, it makes people nervous. Don't ask me how I know this)
  • Listening to Christmas carols in my car
  • Wearing my warm and festive stripey Gap sweater from Bonne Velonte
  • Buying a bunch of groceries I really needed for $37.oo including 10 lbs of potatoes for 2.99 (I got the last bag! It's the little things.)
  • Not having to ask Tiffany for any of the ingredients for the cookies. (Turns out even when I have all necessary ingredients, I don't necessarily feel the need to use them.)
  • Finny's belly laugh in response to this joke,"Why do fish live in salt water?" "Because pepper makes them sneeze"
  • This. Please support this lovely charity if you are looking for something kind, super easy truly effective and to do this holiday season. Let me know if you have any questions. Hannah's family and friends are honestly the most amazing, genuine and compassionate people. They are passionate about helping others and out of small and simple things, great things are coming to pass! I am grateful for their recognition (even though theyare so good about thanking me on the spot for anything I do, so it really was not necessary, but very sweet) and I am thankful for the chance to be involved with something so cool. Check out the cool widget up there on the righ for regular updates and please sign up for the free email newsletter. Each subscription=a pair of socks donated! Doesn't get much easier to help then that eh?
  • And finally...this. Oh how this sort of thing warms and thrills a mother's heart. Gracie wrote it this evening, (she is constantly writing little essays to go with her beautiful pictures), she read it to me and I typed it verbatim to her blog. I hope it makes you smile too. Happy 2nd of December!

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Janet said...

You have almost persuaded me to try the lotion. I do love the smell of vanilla. And is it really such a shame that you cannot share those cookies? ;) Enjoy!

Lynn said...

Sometimes baking turns out great and sometimes . . . not so much. I made a potato/chocolate cake the other day with leftover mashed potatoes, and I'd have to say the flavor was rather interesting. :o

Denise said...

Congratulations on your award!!! I get the newsletter in e-mail. I think something like that would be GREAT here in Knoxville.

Sorry to hear about your cookies, but at least most of them were still tasty.

nyn said...

ROFL laughing about licking oneself in public...I am guessing I might know why ;) and I speak from personal experience. As for your cookies, I am sorry. This happens all to often at my house. I have resorted to pre-made cookie dough all the time and can still manage to ruin them from time to time. Love you Kirsty, and love this post as always.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the cookies not turning out. I agree with you that they need to look pretty. Hope you enjoyed them! There's usually at least one not-so-pretty one in the batch that just has to be eaten and not shared. To have a whole batch to keep for yourself...genius! I think you're on to something!! :D