Triple threat

It's Monday! And the 1st! But not just the 1st, the 1st of December. You know I'm loving it.
'Tis the day the Christmas traditions begin in earnest:

  • Benj retrieved a tiny ornament and a chocolate kiss from the 1 pocket of the Advent calendar
  • The Christmas books have been wrapped and the first one promptly unwrapped and read. An interesting and touching tale of how the reindeer got their antlers. Finny was riveted.

  • The first night of hot chocolate by Christmas-tree light and Mormon tabernacle Choir "White Christmas" accompaniment. And do not forget the crucial Christmas shaped Peeps to float in the hot chocolate. Did you know they make peppermint flavoured stars now. It's a beautiful thing.

  • The ceremonial placing of the angel occurred. We decorated the day after Thanksgiving as tradition dictates (my life is pretty much ruled by tradition I'm finding) but the angel placing was reserved for this day.

We had Family Home Evening tonight too (how perfect is the timing of this 1st of December?) and everyone has been charged with their Secret Santa mission. We're all ready to do good, share stuff and you all Christmas-y.

And here is my profound Christmas-y observation for the day, something I have been pondering deeply (for the whole 15 minutes of book wrapping):

I find cheap Christmas wrapping paper to be quite un-fun. It does not cut smoothly, it rips on the corners once you have wrapped your gift, it's not as pretty, it is just generally unsatisfying. However, it is to state the So let me put this to you gentle reader, is going cheap with the Christmas paper wise, in that it is not exactly a commodity we need to last for generations and hey, we save our pennies where we can, right? OR would it be an unwise way to go, what with all the untold frustration, half exposed gifts, time wasting and such. Frugality vs Efficiency. Ah yes, the age-old conflict.

Deep thoughts..I am full of them, people. Stay tuned, I bet I have another one tomorrow.
Happy 1st of December Monday! Did you work out? Didja??

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nyn said...

Happy 1st to you too!! I love that you have so many fun traditions. That many more for me to borrow. We are full swing Christmas mode here. I LOVE IT!! and yes I worked out....didja?

Rachel said...

This is so cool! You have some nice traditions! Do you wrap up a Christmas book for every day leading up to Christmas? That is a lot of Christmas books if you do!! How cool!

Kirsty said...

Hey Carolyn, yes I did and am off to do so again. You inspired me as I thought of you while I was running on Monday.

Hi Rachel, yes a book for each day leading up to Christmas. We get most of them from the library and return them as they are read :)

Samantha said...

I have the same issues with wrapping paper--I do love working with the fancy stuff, but then it seems silly when it gets ripped off the gift. Perhaps the best solution is to buy the expensive paper at after-Christmas sales? (Or, buy massive rolls of good-quality paper at Costco that you'll get sick of in a few years, or maybe even next year?).