Gracie days

Gracie as you know, turned the itchy 7 this week. Her birthday this year reminded me of her Birth Day. The sun was shining (shockingly enough) reminiscent of the day she was born in the SF Bay Area of Northern California. It was a sunny, mellow day too. Just as it was this year. Although it was about 40 degrees warmer in CA that day. On her Birth Day I went for a walk with my doula in the late afternoon in the hills of my neighbourhood. As I walked, soaking up the golden sunlight, I encouraged to tuck her chin down, and get into to a nice launch-off position so that we could get this show on the road. She was surprisingly obliging after I made that request, and came fairly quickly (and forcefully) after that.

Today I encourage her to keep her chin high as she makes her way through life, and I watch as she does. She has already displayed a great amount of tenacity, character, and integrity in her seven short years of life. She is tender and demonstrative and loving and mysterious and reserved rolled up into one artistic little soul. I can't believe that it has been 7 years. Really that is bizarre. In this time over again, she will going to church dances. Ridiculous. She is just an infant. See?

Here are some more photos of her big day and the subsequent Bunny Birthday Bash which I must clarify refers to her bunny inspired birthday party theme and not acts requisite of an ASPSCA intervention. If you wish to get a full feel for these glittering events, and I know you absolutely do, you can check them out here:

Yes, apparently there are times when the cupcake cake doesn't translate as well as at others. And how much did I care at this point? About . that much.

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nyn said...

AWW!! Happy b-day Gracie. I remember the day she came into the world well. It looks like a wonderful party.

Tooj said...

That cake is adorable! And the girls look like they had a blast. :) Good work, Mom.

Denise said...

Looks like they had a blast!!! I can't believe she is so BIG, seems like she was a baby just yesterday.

{april kennedy} said...

Another fabulous event planned by an amazing event coordinator! I loved the cake and the carrot sticks with greens!

Anonymous said...

Great cake! What a good idea. Cupcakes work the best, especially for kids. I too love your carrots and greens, and your Girl. Kiss her for me!