In which I score big points with my kids' school teachers and principal

We heard that my profound commentary, gleaned as me and my truant kids watched the inauguration, had been printed in the local paper. It is certainly something posterity will treasure forever.

Kirsty Sayer, a mother of four, said she brought her kids to the Cla-Zel to let them witness history. As a mother, Sayer said she wanted her kids to remember the event and learn something from it. "This is probably the most historic event in their lifetime," she said. "It's much more important than anything they could have learned in school today."

Um, yeah. At least they did not print the part where I said, "and if their teachers have a problem with that they can just suck it up". Or the part about we go wherever there is free food.

Not really.

Actually, I think they sort of jammed a few of my gushing quotes together and they left the part where I mentioned the words "civics lesson" (to make it sound legit), out. And lest you think I am too hopelessly swept away by Obama-mania, I really do think my kids are going to have many historic events to enjoy in their lifetime, but this was certainly the best so far :)

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Denise said...

Aren't newspapers GREAT....I camped out in a theater parking lot & skipped school to see the first showing of the movie Dune, we were shocked when our name & picture showed up in the newspaper & of course all our teachers saw it. We learned NOT to talk to reporters after that. LOL!

Tooj said...

The parents DO need to suck it up. They DO need to begin recognizing what their children are already coming to know. Okay, I'm done. :) I'm happy you are giving them the optimism to see it in THIS light as opposed to THAT....(as in THAT one - finger pointing).

{april kennedy} said...

Because you made the day special for will be a day they will never forget! Good job Mom!

nyn said...

This is so cool. Way to be a GREAT Mom. I wish I had known of something going on like the viewing you went to of the inaguration. My kids watched it a school. If I didn't know they were going to see it there they would have stayed home with me.