Receiving what we already have

I recently re-connected with my lovely friend Heather (seen here with me as we snatched an hour together in a scenic Mesa food court during my whirl-wind wedding trip a few weeks ago). Heather has published a book and has several CD's out which everyone I know can benefit from. Go check out her website. In addition, she has launched an interactive blog recently on which I discovered this little gem tonight. I loved the whole article for so many reasons,(I think almost every parent can relate to the screaming, inconsolable 4am wake up call), but the truth of this paragraph leaped out at me especially resoundingly tonight:

For several weeks, I had been preparing to give a talk on abundance, and this moment, revelation hit me. The first step in creating abundance is to receive what you already have. I glanced at the clock. 5:17. Fatigue pulled at my eyelids, but I was determined to capture what I had experienced and went directly to my computer to write.

All my life I had been in search of more—truth, money, relationships, health, beauty, order, to name a few. With my eyes fixed so intently on the future, I was often missing what was already mine. What I had experienced that this morning, in an unexpected way, was a the reservoir of abundance. The irony is that, all along, this has been right in front of me, but I had been missing it. This morning, I found it in just being with my daughter. None of my action was a means to an end. I wasn’t cleaning, making food, or trying to teach her something. I was existing next to her in a state of presence. In those moments, a space opened for me and I received what I already had.

I believe that this is the perfect sentiment to take into February, with its theme of all things heart related. The talk of the town lately seems to be scarcity. Jobs are scarce, money is scarce, peace of mind seems to be scarce. I do truly believe though, that each of us are blessed with an abundance, perhaps yet to be truly discovered, that has nothing to do with the economy, and everything to do with us merely making room for it in our consciousness, our spirits and our hearts. A timely reminder for me. I hope it helps you too!

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Heather Madder said...

I LOVE our picture! Can you send me a copy of it. You are truly gorgeous! Thanks for supporting the blog. It means a lot to me. I love you dearly.

Samantha said...

A very good lesson indeed. Thank you Kirsty and Heather!

Tooj said...

What a wonderful sentiment. :) Thanks Heather and Kirsty! I will truly try and feel blessed by abundance all around me...poopy diapers and all.

leah said...

don't tell me i'm supposed to stop looking forward to 8:00 when they're all in bed. i won't do it, i say!!!

kidding - you are so right. great reminder!!! but i will go enjoy me some idol in peace. peace, in abundance, that is.