Word of the year...

So in lieu of the traditional form of resolution, I thought the idea of the word of the year may work for me.

Something that has been troubling me for a while, as I have mentioned several times here, is my lack of focus. I feel that distraction in all its many forms, distraction from the task at hand, distraction from why I am really here on this earth.......distraction is driving me to distraction!

I believe that it is distraction that results in regret at the end of a life, or even at the end of a period of opportunity. It also stops us from achieving our potential, which to me is the ultimate tragedy.

A line from a truly excellent and inspiring talk I heard last year at Young Women's General conference has stayed with me ever since.

(In reference to Jesus Christ) " No other who has ever lived has been so “steadfast and immovable” (Mosiah 5:15). He was never distracted. (my emphasis added)

Which is why, this year, I will strive for

Here is another of the myriad of excellent talks on the topic of distraction, by one of my favourite speakers. Not surprisingly, the talk is entitled Rejoice! and is summarized by the scripture found in Psalms. 118:24) “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”.

In short, I would like to be focused enough to rejoice in each day that the Lord has given me to live.

To aid me in my quest for focus, I resolve to spend time each day writing my priorities (as opposed to just my do-to list), and evaluating whether they are moving me in the direction of my personal mission on this earth or distracting me from it.

I also resolve to evaluate how my time was spent, (honestly) at the end of each day, and whether my management of that most precious commodity is in synch with me achieving my priorities.

I think accountability/evaluation is a crucial aspect in achieving any goal and accounting for those moments will really help me to keep myself focused. Perhaps I will discover that I am not, as I recently self-diagnosed myself, acutely ADD after all, just severely undisciplined (which I uncomfortably suspect).

Here's to a year of focus..and rejoicing!

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Koala Green said...

I like that word FOCAS! It will be the next catch frase instead of Back to the Book


The Sayer Family said...

What a great word for the year! I think that I need to work a lot in this area too. Thanks for the great insight.

Janet said...

I like the idea of a word of the year. And you know I'm all about striving to live a life in focus. ;) And I think focusing on your priorities each day rather than a list of tasks is brilliant. Wishing you a focused 2009!

april kennedy said...

Each night I am disappointed in my time management for the day and most of it is from my time on the internet....but it is a hard call. I have reconnected with lost friends, been inspired spiritually and ceatively and I enjoy the little escape from the same four walls that it provides. Maybe this year...I should set a time limit for my computer time and hope I don't miss what I won't have time to "find"!

We are trying to come up with a family motto for 2009 for our home. I'm getting close to the big reveal!

Anonymous said...

What a great plan, K. I like it!

You go girl!


Bethany said...

Hey, I clicked your blog link from Tiffany's - hope that's okay! I love this post. I did a similar thing for 2008. My work was 'respect'. Respect for the Lord, for others, and for myself. You inspired me to come up with a 2009 word. Thanks!
-Bethany Hawkley

Under the Florida Sun said...

Great idea! And I love the word!! Focus!!
Just stopping by vie Janet's place - Life in Focus..