I pity the poor fool.....

Pop Quiz time Folks!

Who do we pity the most here?

a)The Bride (for obvious reasons)
b)The Best Man (for obvious reasons)
c)The Groom for the fact that he did not jump in, and will probably pay for that, for the rest of his life.
d)The Priest. (Did he put the Bible down first?)


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PS: I just re-watched this with Finny. Oh dear, I hope the Bible was not an heirloom.
Finny's reaction: "ssshhhhh....Ohhhhhhhh...Baaaaaaaad" with an "oh no, she's gonna blow!" fearful expression on his face, the one worn by the male, or a fellow male is about to incur the wrath of a woman.

PPS: In my re-watching Finny noted my merry chuckles and was horrified. "Mommy! Don't laugh!! That is so mean! Even though it is on the computer, that will hurt their feelings!" When I toned it down to a suppressed laugh behind a smile, he covered my mouth with his hand, presumably so that he would not have to witness such a flagrant lack of sensitivity from his own mother. Shameful.

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Missy said...

And that my friends is why you never NEVER get married right next to a body of water.

Well if nothing else that will be memorable for everyone.

Bethany said...

Oh my freaking crap... Wow - how can you only pick only one person to pity here? I'm thinking that poor bride to have that happen on her special day. But the groom! Wow, he REALY, REALLY should have jumped in with her and finished the ceremony in the water. Idiot. At least everyone will remember their wedding. :-S

Aunt LoLo said...

I think bbj summed it up - Oh no! She fall down!

Peg said...

My nephews wife jumped into the pool in her wedding dress (after the reception was over) and it came up over her head and the weight of it held her down and she couldn't get up to breathe. It only took a little thrashing about for her sister (not my nephew, the new husband) to jump in and rescue her. As I watched this video, I was just glad they both came up to breathe!