Last call!! Last Call!!

You GUYS! (in my TAMN tone) I am so thrilled by the response to this! They are funny, heartfelt, unique, interesting and fabulous all (with perhaps the exception of The Soxy Pirate's resolution, which I CANNOT condone, however full disclosure requires that I admit to laughing out loud.

ANYWAY. For those who do not wish to wade through all the endless introspection of the last post, and want to get on board before it IS TOO LATE! Here's what you do to enter the
Make Kirsty's Birthday Much Less Sucky Then In Years Past Sweepstakes:

1.Decide on something you are going to do on February 6th to make the world a better place. Your world, the world at large, someone else's world, whatever. Just some conscious act of positivity/contribution (even if that contribution is for yourself).

2. Post about it here before tomorrow. (Be sure to post it on that original blog post if at all possible so as to keep all the entries together.)

3. Come back tomorrow and tell me if you actually did it.

4. Cross your fingers that you win a prize, a gift that will be chosen especially for you. (And if you think that I don't already have a good idea of what I would get each one of you, you sadly underestimate me. Or maybe you think I have a life.)

After much deep thought I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to draw the winner's name out of a hat or some such random act. If that helps to relieve the pressure to be brilliant and gets you to just DO something, that's great. It also helps me not to ruin my birthday with feverish indecision and people pleasing stress ;)
However, I am getting a premonition that there may be some honourable mentions..and perhaps more then one little package going out because I have been truly touched. Thank you!

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Tooj said...

I didn't realize my good deed had to be done tomorrow. That makes mine impossible. I'll come up with something else, if I can. I think giving my husband $2 out of our tax refund is nice enough, isn't it? No? Fine. I'll up it to $5. Whiners. (what's his is mine and what's mine is mine...right?)

Erin said...

This is a wonderful idea. I'm keeping it in mind for my own birthday later this year.