My magical Mary Poppins bag

My friend Aunt Lolo was inspecting the contents of her purse (or as we say in my language-hand-bag, since a purse is the little thing that holds money), the other day which prompted me to share the wonders of mine.

I usually carry a small and compact Kate Spade (knock-off) bag, which my sweet sister Shona bought for me as we emerged from the theater in New York City. The guy selling them was acting stressed and we naively asked if what he was doing was illegal. He laughed, "of course not". Umm...yeah. But we sinned in ignorance so there ya go. I think my sister paid about $60 for two of them, so I'm fairly certain it is not an original as the not engaged in criminal activity man claimed. But I have had Kate Spade oficianados say they could not tell the difference so there ya go again.

I love this bag because it goes with most of my wardrobe. It has a pink stripe in there, it has a red stripe so we're good to go. I like the structure, it stands up straight and ready to serve.

But the most marvelous thing about this bag is how much you can fit in it. It's pretty amazing. When I turned out my bag to report everything in it, even I was astounded. It really was like that scene in Mary Poppins when things just keep coming out of it

Let's take a peek inside, shall we?
Brace yourself now..

As I made an inventory I broke things it down into related groups:

1 small hairbrush
3 small bottles of perfume
2 lipsticks
emery board (not photographed)
package of blotting paper (not photographed)
Tube of hand-cream
Contact lens drops

Dental care:
1 box of floss
2 toothpicks
1 package of gum
1 mint
I tin of tiny mints in a tiny-mint tin my sister brought from Australia
1 coupon for mouthwash
2 dental reminder cards (for my kids)
There was a whole lot of dentist going on in there. I am obsessed with not having stuff stuck in my teeth which explains most of it.

Random paper things

1 invitation to a friend's trombone recital (which was amazing)
2 thank you cards to give to people when I see them.
1 receipt to submit for something I bought for church.
Coupons for toilet paper. Nice!
Pass-along card
My business card (with an outdated phone number! Excellent!)
And of course, a pen

Mom stuff:

1 horse for when Finny accompanied me to lunch with a friend (there were 3 matchbox cars and a sheep in there too which he re-claimed)

Money stuff
super cool license/credit card/coin holder thingie which Julie gave me, you can attach your keys too, for those occasions when you do not wish to carry your magical handbag
Dollars and change 'cos there's a money pouch in my magical handbag too! Wow! (I also discovered during this exercise that my license expired on my birthday). Awesome.

1 big set for church (with a big beaded key-chain in the shape of a K)
1 big set for my car and home (with a big beaded key chain in the shape of a goldfish) AND Leatherman.

Oh and don't forget the CELL PHONE (no photo of that but fits in there too, snug as a bug.

That be a lot of stuff peeps. But the bag wasn't bulging, it never feels heavy either. It is a marvelous bag indeed.

Sooo what it's in your bag?

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paparazzimom said...

Love your bag!
Mine? I have resorted to a mommy bag lately. It's pink with green polkadots. In it is a few diapers and wipes, 2 outfits for Elli, my wallet, kleenex, little tupperware of dried apple bits and another of gerber puffs, might be a pen and gum unless my kids stole em at church, TCP coupon, a binky or two, and my keys. I have a red kade spade knock off in the van to throw my wallet into on the rare occasion that I am going somewhere without Elli. Pretty boring, eh?

Aunt LoLo said...

Good heavens, your bag puts mine to shame! (I think my bag would have more in it if BBJ didn't REGULARLY empty the entire contents of my "handbag" onto the kitchen floor. *sigh*)

And ya might want to renew that license. ;-) I'm just sayin'...

Jenn said...

I have the BIG bag, that I LOVE with very little in it!

1 wallet

1 case for sunglasses

1 case for regular glasses

Check book



Random bits of paper with numbers on this




Hat and gloves when they come off of my body.

ID card for work

hmmm...I need a smaller bag!