It never fails..
I get super motivated, raring to go, ready to whip my house back into shape after an extended period of semi-chaos and grubbiness, I make my list, I check it twice, I can't wait to make everything nice..
And then I wake up sick.

Gah! It is so frustrating!
Actually I woke up sick on Saturday morning after a rough night, felt like death but decided to go to the gym since that often makes one feel better, it did almost right away! I worked out like fury for an hour, felt miraculously recovered, on the drive home realized that was a big mistake. Spent most of the rest of the day in bed, decided I would definitely be skipping church the next day to recoup. Had another dreadful night. Woke up with every intention to skip church. Except...for some reason I suddenly I did not feel sick enough to do that in good conscience. Figures. By the time I came to terms with that, it was 10 minutes til church started and I was in my PJ's. I tossed on some clothes and we got there a few minutes late. Sat down in the pew...

Started feeling awful. But of course. But hey, I was there so may as well see it through...

Got through church, came home. No rest for the wicked! Time to go visiting teaching! (So ironic, it's not like this is a common occurrence.) Wanting to die!

Get home, back to bed for most of the day ...yet another bad night. Wake up today, hoping, hoping, hoping that I would feel good. All sorts of big plans..spirit soooo willing... oh no....flesh so weak.

Find myself at 10am lying on couch dozing- in the sun (!) -while Finny cuddles up to me, watching Dumbo. It's not all bad.

I did eventually have to resurrect enough to be a taxi driver and go and do a massive, massive grocery shop. Why is it that when you really do not feel like shopping, you are out of everything? Plus I had to shop for a big church function. And it was then that I came to understand old people just a bit better. As I pushed my trolley around the shop I just wanted to get the job done and get out of there already. I'm sure I had a grim expression due to a burgeoning migraine, smiling at people was actually painful, I had no patience for those lolly-gagging in the cereal aisle, let's just keep this train moving people!

This is why so many old people are mean and cranky. I'm sure of it. They are in pain and tired. Pain really does make the simple niceties of life a supreme effort. I was reminded of two things today:

  • Get out of old people's way, and don't feel hurt or irritated when they do not return your polite smile. It's not personal.
  • Take care of your body as best as you can, while you can. Health is a precious gift which should not be taken for granted.

Actually it taught me three things,
  • People who handle pain with grace and patience are truly remarkable and they have my extreme admiration.

If you aren't feeling well in mind body or spirit, these are for you. I hope you will be feeling better soon.

(courtesy FTD)

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Denise said...

LOVE the flowers!!! Sorry to hear you are sick now, I hope it is a quick illness for you & you are feeling 100% again soon.

Bethany said...

Okay, I so did not know you were feeling so awful during church! I'm so sorry that you've been feeling so sick. I hope you recover really, really soon. And then you will appreciate feeling well and have a new zest for life! So at least there is a silver lining? Maybe? :-)

Aunt LoLo said...

Ugh...sorry you're sick! And all of that sounds totally familiar!

Miriam said...

Hope you're feeling better. Your comments on old people really struck a cord. I visit teach one of those old women in pain - you hit the nail on the head with describing her life. I just visit her and let her complain. She needs to vent. P.S. Thanks for the flowers.

nyn said...

Thanks for the lovely flowers. I hope you are feeling better. Something seems to be going around. Much luck and good wishes in getting the list done. I relate so much to the desire and will and yet the inability to accomplish it due to sickness or exhaustion. xoxo