Scenes from V-day

In no logical order...

We had a lovely V-day dinner. We deviated from our tradition of spaghetti and meatballs and went with salmon instead. Aaron and I went out last night for sushi. It's been a deliciously fishy weekend.

I walked into the kitchen this morning to discover a change. One crappy mixer had made room for one beautiful not-crappy mixer. Who says women aren't happy with household appliances for Valentine's day? I hugged it and kissed it. Oh yes I did. I am not ashamed. I am a real woman today.

Benj and Gabe came up with the idea of Wii Valentine boxes....see? Complete with Mii's (that part was my idea. Aren't we all rather brilliant? Yes I think so too. )

Gabe's Wii and Mii and Finny's mouth full of sugar. He decorated his bag at school so no Wii/Mii but cute no?

I heart Gracie's mail-box. The glittery paper made me very happy. I stroked it quite a bit. Look, it even has a pretty Gracie stamp on it. I may have taken over a tad. I wish it was my box.

Gracie is so thoughtful, this was found in Thumper's cage this morning

I got an expensive appliance. Aaron got chocolates and a card. But the card was kissed repeatedly, which makes it a completely fair exchange.
We had festive pancakes this morning and berry smoothies (which were appropriately pink). Finally found a use for that cookie press. No fear, the pancakes were less anaemic then they appear here.

My mom used to tell me that red and pink should never be put together but.... see how pretty? I think my mom was wrong, wouldn't you agree mom? I made those cupcakes using a crappy mixer. Never again. Never, I say.

A fun and mostly loving day was had by all. I hope you had a very happy love day too!

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Jules said...

Yay! A fun mixer! You will love it.

nyn said...

It looks like a wonderful Valentines Day. And yipee for household appliances we want. I think in your next post your mentioned getting wiser, I think it is wise to be happy with such wonderful useful things especially when given out of love.
Love you xoxo

Toad said...

Does that card say "pooh face"? LOL - I would love to call Dan that but have so far managed to restrain myself. I sometimes get obsessed with words and "perseverate" on them, as he likes to tell me. And so I'd end up saying pooh all the time.

Anyway, looks like you had a lekker V-day! xx