Splish splash I was making a dash....

It is a gloriously warm today. They say it will be 60 degrees. For people who give thanks for anything above freezing during this month, it is practically warm enough to be declared a state holiday.

As I drove to the gym this morning, joyfully splashing through the puddles of melted snow, I relished the SWOOOOOOOOSH each time.

About ten delicious Swooshes into our trip, an exasperated little voice pipes up from the back-seat.

"Learn to drive already!"

"Huh?" I turn down the radio, "learn to drive? Who? Me?"

"Yes" the little voice curtly replies

*suppressing the laughter bubbling in the top of my chest* "Um..why would you say that?"

"You keep scraping the car along the sidewalk mommy, and it's not good for it!"

All this time, all these years of indulging in the grown up version of puddle jumping, thinking I was giving my little passengers such a fun treat, and all the while they are biting their tongues, thinking, "dude...my mom is a moron".

until that fateful day when a brave four year old male passenger could take the abuse of the family vehicle no longer...

(It would of course be one of the male variety defending the vehicle and casting aspersions on my driving abilities. I'm just saying.)

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Koala Green said...

I just told mine it was a free car wash and now they love it! Until a day last week when I could not put on the breaks fast enough not to hit two runners and splash them full of yucky muddy snowy rain water! I felt bad for about a minute then I turned the van around to go back, no just kidding on the last part I really did feel bad for them since It was like the first day in months warm enough to go outside for more than 2 minutes!

Kirsty said...

LOL too funny Tiff. I once splashed our mailman inadvertently. I was really afraid I might never see my mail again. He probably spits on it.

Finny doesn't realize I am splashing water, he really thinks that noise is me just getting too close to the curb and scraping the concrete over and over again-eeeeuw-One can see why he would cringe ;)

Tooj said...

What you're saying is RIGHT. Men...whether they're 4 or 40....always cutting into our fun.

Jill said...

That is so funny! If I do it in my van the belt comes off and I can't steer so we play "avoid puddles at all cost". Sometimes I forget about the oncoming traffic I'm concentrated so hard on avoiding the puddles. Needless to say..if it's wet out and you see me coming PULL OVER!

{april kennedy} said...

hahaha! that was great.