Steel Cut Oat Delight

I am surprised it took me as long as it did to try these because I love crunchy, heavy grainy things. I am also obsessed with oatmeal. So it makes sense that this is something I would adore, but my need for ease in all culinary matters overrode all other consideration. It took running out of my mushy quick oats to finally break into the package I had bought on sale. And now I am in love, let me count the ways:

Well then...

  • It feels like so much more of a substantial meal as there is chewing involved and it just is more filling and heavy for me. It takes longer to eat which is a very good thing for a scarfer like me.
  • I stay fuller longer. This may be my imagination, since my research suggests that they aren't really that nutritionally superior to rolled oats but maybe it is because it feels more substantial going down. I can't imagine that they would not have more fiber though.
  • It has the crunch of cold cereal with the warm comfort of oatmeal minus the sugar and other junk of cold cereal
  • With just a drop or two of honey, strawberries and blackberries or blueberries it is a magnificent breakfast. I like the berries to stay above board, I don't like them getting all mushed in with the milk and the steel cut oats holds them up there much better. (I realize this may be a bizarre quirk unique to me, but maybe I have a fellow weirdo out there)
  • And it really does not take that long or much effort to make. You just toss a 1/3 of a cup in with one cup of water, get it boiling and then let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Just enough time to unload the dishwasher, reload it, put on some laundry, make a cup of tea and get the berries ready... and then..yum. For those crock-pot lovers, you can have them ready to go in the morning if you think ahead the night before.
Try it, you'll like it. Your kids might too.

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Jill said...

You left me hanging...was the product actually called STEEL CUT OAT DELIGHT or did you just find it delightful? It sounds like something I may be able to eat. Let me know sista. By the by... I like my fruit mixed in but not if it gets mushy.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

I've heard about this and have just been too lazy to go get some (it's not at our local grocery store).

I'm motivated. Thanks!

Kirsty said...

Jill, the steel cut oat delight is my personal spin on things, sorry for the confusion. The batch I am currently eating is made by Now Natural foods and my husband got it at Squeakers. I got some made by Quaker at Kroger a while ago though-it was on sale so I don't know if they are still carrying it since that may have been a clearance?

Julie, glad to help. Be forewarned that you may become addicted :D Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Our oats are not cut with steel, but are large flakes - not that easy to find, but like your steel cut ones, I love them more than the little fine variety. Glad you are an oat lover. Try and persuade your youngest sister!