Surviving 'til Spring

This is the hardest time of Winter because the end is kinda, sorta in sight. It's like the last hour of a 12 hour trip. It feels longer then all the other hours combined. Pretty much everyone I know is done, done, done with Winter and ready for Spring. Sadly... Spring is not ready for them.

Over lo these many years of living in Ohio when my body was made to live in South Africa, I have gathered a collection of " homestretch to Spring" survival tips, and I now I share them with you my freezing friends, my chilly comrades, my brrring buddies..

1. Fresh Flowers

I resolved here that I would treat myself to a constant supply of fresh flowers, and I have been true to my word so far. They really have taken the edge off Winter. To see something fresh and living, not to mention beautiful and vibrant. has such a profound effect on my mood. Here are some tulips I have been enjoying this week. Cheapest therapy around.


I got a Bath and Body Works Optimism "scent-port" for my birthday. And it really does lift my mood every time I go into my bathroom. Even when I find wet towels on the floor and the seat up.

3. Buy yourself a little something pretty.

Are you sooo super sick of your jeans and over you long sleeved shirts and increasingly pilly sweaters? But putting off buying anything new because "spring is just around the corner" and you want to splurge then? Hey guess what! Winter will be back again next year! And you can enjoy what you buy now (on clearance) then as well as now. I know! Whoduthunk!? Buy something in a bright springy colour. Like a pink coat. Or some pretty little earrings. There is lot of Springy yet warm stuff out there look...ohhhh..prettttty..
Spring fling
Spring fling - by KirstyS on

Who says spring cleaning has to wait til Spring? Nothing feels more
Springy then purging some of the winter clutter, and creating a fresh unfettered space. Pick a small room (like a guest bathroom) to re-decorate. Paint it a fresh, light or bright new colour. It really does not take much time at all. What they say is true, a fresh coat of paint is the biggest bang for the buck ever. My easiest Winter was the one I spent painting and redecorating our house just after we bought it. I was thoroughly distracted and thrilled by the emergence of my home.

4. Focus on the Winter wonder

Yeah I know, WHATevah. The whole winter wonderland thing wore off for most of us by December 26th -latest. I know, I know. But it struck me the other day as I lowered myself into the nirvana of a hot bubble bath after a day of being chilled to the bone, that this is a luxury that just is not quite the same in the summer.

What else will I miss about the winter?
  • Laid-back Saturday mornings. No soccer, no sense of urgency to get up early to work in the garden or go for a run, or whatever.. not every Saturday morning is relaxed in the winter of course, but there are none of them in the Spring.
  • Good TV!
  • Hot chocolate (although I'm missing that already due to my new sugar policy...)
  • Soups and stews. Easy to make, yummy, and cozy
  • No swimsuits!

Of course as you know, my scientifically proven, fail-safe winter survival kit includes my magical and magnificent SAD light box and regular exercise.
If the other things make life nicer, these make life possible in the winter.

So go out there and embrace, or at least shake hands, with the home-stretch. Hang in there peeps! We'll stick this thing out with style.

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Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

Thanks for these great ideas! I'm so ready for spring to come as well!

Bethany said...

I love your list! (okay, well as much as I can love something about sticking out winter...) ;-) I already had the idea of going out and buying myself something pretty today.... so I'm glad to have that reinforced on your blog!!!

Susan said...

Good, good ideas! I like the idea of treating yourself to flowers. I often think I should, but never have. You've inspired me!

Wani said...

Great tips on coping with premature spring fever!! Thanks!

{april kennedy} said...

I'll take one of each of your clothing picks. So pretty!

nyn said...

Thank you so much!! I really needed this today. And guess what I did two of these things... got flowers and bought myself something pretty. Hooray for lifting spirits. YOU ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh you know me soooo well ... and is that REALLY your bathroom? It's beautiful. And interestingly enough I am about to make over mine ... but light colors probably won't work so I am going with light blue and chocolate brown with tints of cream ... and I am going to go buy flesh flowers. I also planned a trip to St. Thomas LOL ... but it's not until April so I need to survive until then. LOVE THE TIPS !! THANKS for sharing. Miss you too ... see you outside of hibernation soooooon ... Jo

Kirsty said...

LOL thanks Jo I wish, but no, that is Martha Stewart's bathroom. It has inspired me though :D

Ah, I forgot to put a trip to St. Thomas on the list. Silly me!! (So jealous)

Yay Carolyn, post what you bought, (see my sly attempt to get you to update your blog ;)

Premature Spring Fever Wani-that is a great name for it. Exactly!

Bethany Bestie-Whatcha get???

Thanks April! Wish they were in my closet and not just in my blog ;)

Thanks for stopping by Lyressa! Think Spring!