The unsucky birthday report....

As I mentioned below my birthday was lovely. I knew it would be when I started reading your resolutions and it just kept getting better!

I awoke at around 4:30am to the sound of my husband rustling around. He was placing my presents next to my bed, before he left for work. This also woke Finny who came sleepily into my room, enthusiastically wished me, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!" kissed me and fell asleep cuddled up at my side.

I was later treated to a gourmet breakfast in bed. You can see the lovely milk jug there as they sing Happy Birthday It was accompanied by a small serving bowl filled to the brim with cereal. A delicately presented culinary delight. And presents! A whole slew of Bath and Body Works to indulge the senses (hooray for that awesome sale :) and a lovely willow tree ornament picked out by the kids. The sign behind their heads is one Gracie had put up to decorate my room (see the bows? she tied them herself) it says, "33 areddy! OLD! (No effents!)" It was accompanied by a pefect picture of a penguin. Which was appropriate. Because nothing says "hey no ofents but you're old!" like a penguin. Am I right?

Then it was off to the gym where I had planned to shuffle a 5k (which on the indoor track is 24 laps). However I was so energized (and distracted) by thinking about what so many of you would be up to that day, that I decided I would go for 33 laps instead in honour of my advanced age and feeling the urge to do something a bit out of my current comfort zone. (By lap 30 I was deeply grateful that I was not turning 44, or 66)... but I did end up running 34 laps (you have to add a lap for the cool down ;). It's been a while since I pushed myself much beyond 3 miles so it felt somewhat triumphant.

Upon my return home I decided to indulge in a bubble bath. One of my gifts was a bubble bath called Optimism. It felt fitting for my mood and as I soaked in the bouncy bubbles, I decided it would be my theme for the year. (A friend later brought over a whole gift package of Optimism products (including a cool water bottle with the "my glass is half full" reminder on the side) so I took it as confirmation that this was to be the theme for me and 33.

Finny decided that I looked like I was having a good time and begged to have a bubble bath after I was done. I cringed a little as I sacrificed my precious "optimism" for his bathing pleasure. But a moment later he sat up from his basking and said, "Mommy? " "Mmmm??" I replied vaguely wondering what toy I was going to be asked to track down to join him in the suds.

" This is so nice. Thank you so much. I love you"

This is a boy who is very loving and demonstrative and frequently exclaims at the exquisite agony of loving me so much "I just can't handle it anymore mommy! I love you SOOOOO much, I just can't stop!" but this quiet, genuine and grown up moment was one I will never forget.

My toes got their first (very quick) pedicure in as long as I can remember and are now festively polished in Valentine red. I feel pampered every time I see them. Speaking of red, just before I dropped Finny off at school I remembered it was National Wear Red day. As I scanned the room for something red and warm to throw on, the UPS guy ran up to the door. I grabbed the package, ripped it open and found a perfect little red pea-coat inside. It was SO cute! I put it on, it fit perfectly. I ripped off the tags and ran out the door feeling on top of the world. It was only half way to Finny's school when it occurred to me that I should maybe have checked the address on the box since I might be wearing the coat of the girl a few doors down. Oh! And when I got into the car my favourite song was playing on the radio. That's a good omen you know.

After dropping Finny off at preschool I realized I had enough time to treat myself to lunch and so I went to the local bakery and supported a wonderful local business (how selfless and philanthropic am I?) I sacrificed myself with spiced Indian carrot soup (divine) a gourmet grilled cheese (unbelievable) and belgian chocolate mint tea (sublime). I sat in a sunny window, read the paper, chatted to Aaron on the phone (the coat happily, was meant for me) and felt altogether spoiled.

It was then onto the kids' school where I volunteered at the library for a couple of hours. When I got home, Aaron was there feverishly cleaning up. I had been girding up my loins to walk in and clean out Thumper's less then fragrant habitat (what a messy little thing she is) but I found it fresh and clean (he had risked his very life for me people!)

I had lovely friends bringing by lovely homemade gifts including two of my favourite girls in the world show up with the most delicious chocolate chip cookies they had baked from scratch right after school.

That night we went out with some friends for Indian food. Friends, Indian food, need I say more?

And finally I was serenaded as never before with a rendition of Happy Birthday. When I went to the Benjamin Zander lecture he taught us how to sing Happy Birthday like we meant it. Happily these friends had been there too and I was the beneficiary of his tutelage and their considerable musical talent. It was glorious.

Aaron made a cupcake cake! (I ate most of a 3).

And the next day...was Saturday. Going to bed knowing you can sleep in! Does this sound like the perfect birthday? I think so. Now you may have noticed that something was missing from this day of self-indulgence. I do not feel as though I contributed considerably to the world that day which does seem a bit wrong since so many others were doing so in my honour. However I do believe that people who are happy create positive energy and that does improve the world and I had a very, very happy day. Does that get me off the hook? I also started compiling a list of 33 things I would do to improve the world this year. I'm excited to get started. You are all so inspiring! Have I mentioned I love you?

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Charis said...

Sounds like the most perfect birthday. Glad you had such a wonderful day. Happy Belated Birthday :-)

Samantha said...

I had Indian food for my birthday too! It's my favorite style of food.

Birthdays are meant for self-indulgence and for having other people make *your* slice of the world a little better. So, nothing wrong there.

I'm so happy that you had an unsucky birthday this year. I think the worst part of your birthday last year (from my perspective) was when you felt like maybe you shouldn't keep the camera. Plain awful that was!

PS It took me a little while to figure out how "I" posted the same comment on two of your blog entries--very tricky Kirsty!

Kirsty said...

Thanks Charis :) Good to see you!

Hey Sam, isn't Indian food the best? And it makes for the best leftovers too. Thanks so much, I am glad it did not suck too. The worst part of my birthday last year that I remember was that half of my luggage was missing, I hadn't had a run in a week, the weather was dismal and freezing (this year it warmed up considerably that day and was very sunny :) , our furnace died (very expensively) and I wanted to be back in SA (which happens every time I return for a couple of months). The camera guilt was just the sprinkles on the sucky cupcake. I'm glad I kept it though. Yes I hope you don't mind me transferring your post, I didn't want you left out in the cold :D

nyn said...

Wow!! You truly had a fab day. I am so very happy for you. You are also very kind and loving. All the generosity that came from those that wanted you to have a super birthday just shows how amazing you are. Congrats!!

Jules said...

Ah, my heart hurts that I wasn't there! That photo of all of you at the Indian restaurant made me tear up just a little. Miss you all so much. Glad you had a divine birthday!

Kirsty said...

Thanks Carolyn and it was great to talk to you today xo

Jules, we thought about you (and talked about you :D) Did you get the text from Aaron? He was texting away to you as we sat at that very table.
xo Miss you! Come back!

Tooj said...

What a wonderful birthday. :)