20 (plus 1) little things to look forward to for Spring

Now I know I just posted a guide to surviving as one of my readers put it, "premature Spring fever", but Melissa over at the Inspired Room posted list of 20 things she is looking forward to this Spring and challenged us to do the same. Half the fun is the anticipation is what I always say, so I think there'd be no harm in a little bit of anticipation...

1. That incredible green of the leaves. There's no green like it-sort of yellow, sort of green. It just sings, "new life! hope! we survived!"

2.The hopeful hue of the sunlight. Gone is the pale far-off yellow, there is a new optimistic light flooding the bedroom each morning.

3.Matching Easter outfits!

4. Open windows to let in that crisp, fresh air which literally smells like a new beginning and a fresh start.

5. The crocus and daffs peeking out, amidst a carpet of little blue flowers in my front patch.

6. Giving my friends daffodils on Daffodil Days

Remember this photo Aunty Jenny? (it took me FOREVER to get right, hope you feel loved)

7. Running outside

8. That sense of energy and excitement in the air-spring fever is a very real thing and I love to walk and drive around town and see it on people's faces

9. Driving with the window down on that first balmy day

10. Tulips nodding at me as I walk up my front path

11. Tulips on my mantle

12. Daffodils in my kitchen

13. Looking for light spring recipes

14. Easter Sunday with friends

15. My children's excitement as they wait for the Easter bunny to leave his loot

16. Washing windows without the window cleaner freezing on the glass before you can wipe it off.

17. Raking away the winter residue

18. The excitement of going into my garden each day to see what has bloomed

19. Popcorn popping on the apple tree

20. Going for Sunday walks with my family

21. Hanging Easter eggs on the front tree with my family.

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Darlene said...

great list!! I can almost smell your daffodils!
Easter without matching outfits is no fun. hehe.

Jenn said...

Yes, I remember my daffodils...xoxoxoxoxoxo

Aunt LoLo said...

PLEASE tell me that isn't your current garden! My grass peeked out for the first time this year...only to be smothered with another 8" of snow!

Kirsty said...

Oh no my sweet child, this is my garden of Spring's past. But I have hope. When I was going through my photo library, a lot of these were taken in early April and I saw several warm looking March scenes too. Have hope, chilly soul have hope...

John P. said...

I "discovered" your blog by accident this morning. I was hooked on the first post I read. And now I am doubly hooked by your Spring Post! You have the most delightful blog I know of. It is a refreshing breath of life and filled with a true zest of spirit. Your most recent post on the "joys of spring" show in pictures what a late favorite author of mine (Erma Brombeck) always tried to describe in words. Thank you so much for your time and effort that you put into this blog.

ukyankoz said...

Those pictures are amazing! (And I was also green with envy till you said they were from previous years!) This year it's my goal to learn to garden - now that we have a garden - but I also can't wait to see the trees flowering and growing back...I love spring!

Tooj said...

Oh oh oh! #9!! My all-time fave. :) And your kids always look like they're having so much fun! I need to figure out how to go about that....

Can I copy the Q&A with the kids idea? I loved it and would like to see if mine would have anything good to say. :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love your photos to go along with your anticipation of spring! Anticipating all the loveliness is very fun so I am glad you shared in the experience with me! :-)


John P. said...

My wife, Susun, just read this post and she said, "Be sure and tell her I loved her writing and photos about Spring!" Then Susun said, "I sure wish she lived close enough to invite her for tea." You are doing such great work! Thank you.

{april kennedy} said...

oh...I can't wait too. We are having like 14 days of rain...and I just want sunshine!

Love the new background, btw.

Anonymous said...

I love John P and Susan. Go to them for tea where ever they live! It will be worth it! Sensitive souls that enjoy my daughter like I do. YAY! I LOVED your pics. Trouble is, although it is still hot and sunny, there is that little gloomy hint of things to come, but hey, can we complain??? Not really. Just a shame that we are at opposite ends of the weather spectrum. Went to Zoo Lake on Sunday and felt all sad nostalgia. Need all my kids home for a visit to Merry Pebbles. Yes, Shona. We will stay in a chalet.