Drrrrruuuuumroollllllll please!!....

It deeply pains me not to be able to give the prize package to each one of you. I loved your comments and discovering so many hilarious, fun and informative new blogs in the process, but alas, only one could win.

And that one oh-so-super lucky winner was.....

Leo's Mom of the blog Life with Leo

She said,

"You are hilarious, I'm so glad I found you! If I'm the super-lucky winner, I'd love "tressie" and can I just say that Almond Pound Cake is my absolute favorite from Tastefully Simple! Anyway, I love spring because here in Phoenix, that's the best time to go to the park before it gets too darn hot. Thanks!"

I like you Leo's mom and your entry was pretty perfect, (even though it was chosen through the random number generator). You stroked my ego, endorsed my friends' products, and obediently followed the what you like best about Spring rules. Thus it is my pleasure to award you the magnficent prize package! A chatterbook from Laura at Happy2Scrap (go pick the word you like best!) and the Tressie pack to complete it, will soon be on its way to you. Also, the Tastefully Simple yummies from Claire Goberman of Tastefully Simple, (I am still licking my chops after sampling everything at our party last night-I loooooove the almond cake beyond words too, we must be soulmates), the CHOCOLATE, and the Amazon Gift Certificate.

Leo's mom, I hope you enjoy it all and that you become my BFF, because, dang girl that's one heck of a prize package! Congratulations! (not that I believe in bribing people to become my friend although clearly I do)

You know, I'm liking this giving stuff away thing. I am excited to pick from my followers/fans/fake fans on Monday. Will it be you? Yes, probably.

Also I want to report on my day of Unplugged-ness later. But here is a hint. I LOVED IT. (No offense internets, I love you too, but seriously, it rocked and I am thinking that needs to happen a whole lot more regularly..but more on that later).

Tomorrow, March 29th is Aaron's birthday. Tomorrow will also be my sister Shona's birthday, but not really. Hers is actually on the 30th, but it is the 30th in Australia when it is the 29th here, so they can call and wish each other happy, happy and it works out very conveniently. (Just trying to find the silver lining of having family who live in not just different time zones but different DATE zones. Sheesh.)

I'm reading: Drrrrruuuuumroollllllll please!!....Tweet this!


Tooj said...

I'm with you on the unplugged! I need to pick ONE day a week, and do it. But it'll have to be when basketball is over. I promise I will try though! And bribing is a great way to get friends. I just hope your pockets are deep enough! ;)