Fabulous Followers Friday-(on a Monday)

So this is how I did it. I used the handy dandy random. org number generator. I stuck in 1 and 60. I came up with 11.

I went to the square I counted from the top left across until I got to square number 11. I clicked on it. Lo and behold... 'twas the square of the woman who has Changed her name to Mommy. (If it is no longer that square it is because they shuffle around, it was when I was doing the choosing. Ok? We cool?)

Coincidentally, I just read a rather hilarious post on her site earlier this evening and made many a shameful confession in the comments so you will want to hustle right over and read all of that.

Congratulations Person who has changed her name to Mommy! I will be contacting you and we'll have an especially chosen just for you gift on it's way to you super soon! Thanks for being a follower/fan/fake fan! I appreciate it!

Wheeeee this is fun!!
Want to be eligible for the next follower/fan/fake fan giveaway? Just become a "follower" (under if you are awesome and you know it). I totally predict it will be you next time.

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Person(also known as Mommy) said...

I get linkage AND a gift? Well, gee =)

I really enjoy your blog (even when I'm not winning something!) and I hope to see you around mine often.

Tooj said...

Congrats to the winner! I know your prizes were GREAT.