Fun FYI For Friday

You may have noticed the groovy blog party button to our left <------------See? Yes the one that says Ultimate Blog Party. The one that looks like this. Go ahead, I will wait while you scroll...
That's it! It all starts on Friday, that's only 2 more sleeps! And it goes on all. week. long. No way, can such extended fun and frivolity really be true? Yes way!! I know! I can hardly believe it myself.

I'll be partying people. I'll be partying hard. And with parties comes presents. There will be a whole bundle of presents for one lucky commenter. Dang gina! What a bundle it will be! It will include some goodies from my friend Claire of Tastefully Simple. They will be simple, they will be tasteful, and they will be absolutely yummylicious -no doubt about it. Go check out her site to get an idea (but do be aware that excessive drool is not good for a keyboard).

AND in that bundle of goodness will be something awesomely awesome from my friend Laura of Happy2Scrap

I'll give you a hint. Everything you need to create one of these for your very own self. (Except yours will probably be nicer, since most grown-ups know how to cut a straight line).

And of course I will be adding a my own momedy-k touch to this bundle of grooviness, but you will have to come back on Friday to find out just what that touch will be. ;)

Now, do you honestly think it will be anything short of fabulousl considering I just put the momedy-k stamp on it???? Especially since nothing has ever been branded with that (very) recently invented stamp before??? No. I did not think so.

See you Friday, it's only a daaaaaaaayyyy (or two) awwaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
But wait! There's more! (Do I sound like an informercial?) for just 19.99 plus shipping and handling...nah just kidding...
I believe in rewarding the faithful, and I also think we would all benefit from more people remembering to check this blog, so on the friday following this friday, I will flinging fun and fab finds the way of my faithful followers (those exceptionally good looking people in the little mosaic-y type box to your left, no...the other left <------ ). In other words on that Friday (that Friday being April 3rd) only the followers will be eligible to enter. So you may want to consider jumping on that bandwagon before then. I'm just sayin....

(I'm feeling a bit cult leader right now-let's call them fans rather then followers, does that work for you? It works for me. Cool)

Are you confused? 'Lil bit? Here's the thing if you are a "follower" (aka fan or even fake fan) or you decide to be one before Friday the 3rd, you stand a chance of winning something cool. Not so much if you are just a casual clicker.

For the Ultimate Blog Party, starting Friday though,
anyone can win, one click stands, faithful followers, it's an equal opportunity prize fest.

And now I think I need a nap. Alliteration is very tiring.

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Aunt LoLo said...

Wait, YOU'RE hosting a giveaway?? Inconceivable! I put an apron up as a prize on 5mfm...but didn't think about doing a giveaway on my site! Mmmm...I'll have to think about that.

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Wow - fun blog party! Cool Giveaway!! I have to check this out :)

I came by from Welcomistas to say Welcome to SITS! Love your blog!