"Give", Said The Little Stream....

You may have noticed a widget on my side bar for Hannah's Socks. I encourage you to click on it and read a bit more about this fantastic cause. It is absolutely beautiful in its simple message of love and generosity. What a practical yet profound way to help others. I have loved it since I first heard about it. Everyone else I know who has become involved with it, has been similarly touched.

This week I blogged about a brilliant pair of parents who created the most fun scavenger hunt party, with a twist, for their little girl who was turning 8. Go and read about it here. Scavenger hunt parties are some of my favourite memories of my childhood, and I can only imagine how much more sweet they would have been if we'd added this charitable aspect. Charity makes everyone feel better, "charity never faileth" to increase our sense of love, happiness, self worth and purpose. Hannah has shown us that nobody is too little, and no act of service is too little to make a real difference in the life of another.

"I'm small I know, but wherever I go, the fields grow greener still"..
“Give,” Said the Little Stream, Children’s Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 236

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