Haiku(s )for Luke

Today is my brother Luke's birthday. (That's him there, the manly stud with the pink shirt to my right) Last year, as I am sure you all remember with much fondness and awe, I broke into my illustrious career in poetry in honour of his birthday, with a poem of astounding genius. This year I am branching out yet further. Behold! The first haiku's I have ever attempted. I decided to try a new form of poetry which I (very) recently invented, called "speed haiku" wherein you write haiku's yes, you guessed it, with speed and inaccuracy. (I will therefore thank you not to correct my mistakes, it will only make you look silly and as if you don't really understand the art of Speed Haiku)

I love you Duck!
Hope your birthday was tight- like unto a dish.

evil genius
makes me cry with the laughing
little brother mine

knows code though not nerd
can say anything he likes
people still love him

non effusive bro
Low reactor chillaxing
Cool as cucumber

happiest birthday
twenty four on twenty-fourth
star birthday for star

my wishes for you
health wealth marry cute smart chick
visit me this year

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Stephanie said...

Brilliant. Absolutely astounding. My favorite line: "knows code though not nerd." Your poetry moves me to tears (of laughter).

Person(also known as Mommy) said...

Awwww-what a perfect blend of sisterly love and silliness!

Anonymous said...

I have just found it!!! The internet gets harder and harder to navigate!! I loved the tight - like unto a dish starter, and echo marry cute smart chick. Where did I get such brilliant and VERY funny, nigh unto a funny bone, children from? You are all an absolute delight!!